This One-Off Ferrari Meera S is Up for Grabs, and its Pretty Cheap

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By Ben Selby

The history of Ferrari is littered with incredible machinery. It is also littered with one-off cars built specifically for their most affluent VIP clients. People like the Sultan of Brunei and the Shah of Iran would order bespoke cars to meet their ever-increasing indulgence for having cars which no-one else could afford to. This brings us on to the unusual Ferrari you see here.

Credit: RM Sothebys

Commissioned in 1983 by Saudi Prince Saoud, this one-off Ferrari Meera S is coming to auction as part of RM Sotheby’s 2022 Paris Auction on February 2nd.

The Meera S is based on the four-seater V12 Ferrari 400i and you can see elements of the original car in its design, such as the pop-up headlights, Campagnolo wheels and wedge shape.

This is where the similarities end. Legendary Italian design guru Giovanni Michelotti was responsible for design. This included the protruding body panels, grilled front end, wrap around front and rear screen and bumper housed taillights. He also added one of the smallest electric windows ever seen on a road car.

Credit: RM Sothebys

Inside there is plenty of 400i features like steering wheel, dials and lever for the standard four-speed automatic transmission. However, the Meera S features an electric sunroof, four windscreen wipers, dual zone air conditioning and camera monitor replacing the rear-view mirror. Finished in Bianco Fuji white with red interior, the Meera S joins the list of many other Ferrari one-offs like the four door Pinin and wedge shaped Modulo.

Credit: RM Sothebys

In November 2010, the Meera S received the equivalent of $430,300NZ worth of restoration by Ferrari Classiche. It received a fully rebuilt engine, a new exhaust system and the entire electrical system was reworked.

Usually when a Ferrari one-off of yesteryear comes to auction, it usually manages to fetch an eight-figure sum. However, the Meera S is expected to fetch between 90,000 to 110,000 Euros ($153,600NZ to $187,700NZ). This makes it bit of a bargain. So, if you want a Ferrari one-off and don’t want to spend millions, then you better get bidding.

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