Classic Car Finance

What is considered a Classic?

We feel that various cars could fall within this category. We can facilitate funding packages that will assist with the purchase of the modest and fun, as well as blue chip investment models. Our facilities have no upper limit, as we understand the investment potential of these cars.

Drawing on our experience and market knowledge we can ensure that you receive the correct support for your individual wants and needs. Our funding is designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts to buy and preserve beautiful cars.

We offer long / short term agreements, realistic deposits and terms on a variety of models. If you currently own a vehicle or have a collection of vehicles that you wish to raise capital against, we can also help. What ever you need please ask!

Race Car Finance

Until recently, race car finance has been extremely rare. Lenders have always had concerns about lending against such a high risk asset and this has clearly been a misunderstood sector. The funding options we offer can fund your race car with the addition of further acceptable security, subject to normal lending criteria.

Vintage & Veteran Cars

What ever the age and model of car, please feel free to contact us. We welcome your enquiry and will do our best to find you a package that suits. As with classic and racing cars, finance for vintage and veteran models has often been considered difficult to obtain, so we have worked hard to develop clear and uncomplicated purchase plans.

Sports Cars

Our funding packages cover all ages of sports cars including brand new models. Again we have the ability to offer a wide variety of funding options – please ask.

Restoration Projects

As we are into preservation, we would like to see more old cars preserved / restored back to their orginal condition. We understand what it takes to savor a trip down memory lane and restore an old vehicle to a jewel from the past.

To finance such restoration projects, many car enthusiasts evaluate / turn to multiple financing sources. Some will opt to go the traditional route of choosing a used car loan. Others will tap into their Home Equity Loan as a source of funding. While the costs of restoring a classic to its original beauty varies based on the amount of work that needs to be performed, we feel that picking the right financing option is important. Options are now available and made easy through specifically designed packages for the professional restoration of these vehicles, subject to additional further acceptable security and normal lending criteria.

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