About Waimak Classic Cars

Waimak Classic Cars was established with the aim to preserve classic and vintage vehicles. We are not a car yard dealership but enthusiasts catering for other enthusiasts within our industry.

Our key interest is to ensure the preservation of these very special cars, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure they are sold to good homes for a respectable value. We believe classic cars should be considered an alternative investment to stocks and property – tangible assets you can see, admire and enjoy – assets you have control over.

Waimak Classic Cars is a highly specialised professional service catering for the classic car industry. Classic cars are our business. We are dealing in this market every day and have a wide network of contacts both nationally and internationally. We are trusted and have a proven reputation in this industry. See what people say about us here.


We are located on SH1 in Leithfield, which is one of the oldest townships in Canterbury, New Zealand. Please note that we are OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 
Leithfield was founded in 1857 by John Leith, as an important coach stop and to provide services to the surrounding farming and milling area. In 1863 Leithfield boasted 
one of the first flour mills in North Canterbury and the only one to be powered by wind. The property we’re on here forms part of what was previously known as Castle Park,
 that was developed by the late forestry magnate Gary McVicar, whose attention to detail and love of classic cars  can be seen throughout Waimak’s premises today.  
Plenty of car parking for buses, tours. A Café / Restaurant is also available on the property. Just behind the property is Leithfield beach - a popular summer location for 
swimming for locals in the region. Surfing and fishing are popular all the year round. There are good facilities and a motor camp situated on the beach. 

Our History

For some years now, the Micallef family has been associated with classic cars in Canterbury and New Zealand and also Internationally. Today, Waimak Classic Cars is well regarded both nationally and internationally for its extensive selection of high quality classic cars. One only has to look at the endless Testimonials that we have accumulated over the years.

Jesmond Micallef always loved older cars. It’s a childhood passion he turned into reality in New Zealand. Jesmond believes that these cars are memories of our past and so should be properly preserved. Today, the Micallef’s, who followed their dreams from Malta to New Zealand, share their passion with a growing number of classic car enthusiasts throughout the world.

Waimak Classic Cars was established with all people in mind – that is to cater for all ages and all classes. We pride ourselves for having established the necessary standards within this industry and to cement ourselves as pioneers in bringing freshness and excitement to this industry. From North Canterbury, New Zealand, our passion and enthusiasm grows and travels Nationally and Internationally and with this passion and enthusiasm we shall continue to serve this industry for generations to come.

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