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At Waimak Classic Cars, we have been actively involved in the classic car industry for the past 20 years, both nationally and internationally.

When the news of the world turns negative, we may be tempted to stockpile cash in the bank.

BUT THINK HARD before you do that…

Recently, we have seen a dramatic drop in the prices of some of the “most loved companies” stocks. What this means is that shareholders of these stocks have seen their account balances drop below their peak levels; affecting their net worth!

And what about Term Deposits? As we all know, not faring any better either!

Under the current climate, aren’t we better off investing some of our money in commodities? Throughout the years, comparing likes with likes, we have seen commodities such as Precious Stones and Metals, Arts and Collector Vehicles holding steady and making much higher returns than term deposits for example, through times of economic uncertainty.

Preempt and accept what’s going on we reckon. Let’s remember, that regardless of what the market does, it is simple logic and common sense to financially secure yourself, by locking some of your hard earned cash in commodities.

Ever thought of your own Classic Car Fund?

We believe that a classic car is in its own way a precious work of art and an emotional investment. Like any other passion investment, one shouldn’t expect short term returns…but does it not pay to have some wealth locked in an asset that has proven to perform well long term?

How Waimak can help..

Waimak Classic Cars was established to preserve classic and vintage vehicles in New Zealand, and to promote them as an alternative investment to stocks and property – tangible assets one can see, admire, and enjoy.

Over the last 20 years, Waimak contributed greatly towards raising the benchmark in this industry in NZ; by initiating and developing long term changes, and by introducing superior service, quality & convenience to its customers. It also lifted the value of these Vehicles and kept their prices current.

Today, Waimak is well regarded and respected, both nationally & internationally, for its extensive selection of high quality, classic & vintage vehicles. It is worth noting that Waimak started from a 2- car garage and currently occupies circa 1300 square meters of showroom / storage space. Waimak is a well-established brand / business in New Zealand. It stocks over 120 classic vehicles. Going forward, Waimak Classic Cars will focus its attention on Historic and Collector Vehicles and will be providing its clients with a range of asset-based investment products and services around Historic and Collector Vehicles, such as Classic & Vintage Cars, Race Cars and Exotic cars, Classic Motorcycles and Trucks, and other collectibles.

Going forward…

Waimak will create an alternative future for Historic and Collector Vehicle Investment in New Zealand by generating positive returns for its customers; returns, that are not correlated to indices, sector averages and other market benchmarks. Waimak is determined and poised to become the most successful Historic and Collector institution in New Zealand.

Starting off this new chapter with over $10 Million in tangible assets under management, the company will revamp the Historic and Collector car market in New Zealand by revolutionising the way such Investment management is conducted, and its business model will become a driving force behind its success.

The company’s unique approach to Historic and Collector Vehicle investment management will cement the future of these Vehicles in New Zealand.

Waimak’s success to date has led many to wonder how the company operates and what makes it so successful. Passion and Commitment, being Respectful, Drive, Ambition, Hard Work, and a determination to Succeed are all contributing factors. Add that with various key activities, including investment analysis and research, marketing, sales, and customer service; all this support Waimak’s business model. These activities are all geared towards meeting the needs of its customers and ensuring that they receive the highest level of support and service.

In the next five years, Waimak will build on its existing platforms, and welcome investors with the objective of generating financial returns on their investment. Waimak’s proposition is centred around providing its customers, whether that be corporations or private individuals, with a range of Historic and Collector Vehicles to invest in, along with tailormade solutions that meet their financial needs; to help them achieve their investment goals, manage risk, and to meet their investment objectives.

Waimak will make use of sophisticated risk management tools and techniques to help clients manage their investment risks. The company will develop proprietary risk management models and software that enable it to monitor and analyse portfolio risk at a granular level.

Waimak’s focus will be the acquisition, maintenance, enhancement, and relocation of classic, vintage, and exotic vehicles, with the aim of turning this luxury asset into a store of value for investors, who want to earn long term returns and protect the purchasing power of their capital.

Just like gold and silver, Collector and Historic vehicles are at the top of the growth curve of collectibles (coins, stamps, vintage furniture, wine, etc.), making them true works of art in motion. They therefore have the characteristics of a store of value, i.e., assets whose value grows over time and as a result protected from both inflation and exchange rate depreciation.

The changing environment resulting from the structural fall in interest rates creates the best conditions for a change in approach to Historic and Collector vehicles. Like precious metals such as gold and silver, Historic and Collector Vehicles have the potential to act as an asset, whose value increases over time, and protects against both inflation and exchange rate depreciation.

Time has shown that it pays to convert cash into commodities and albeit, for some, the collector car market might be new territory, it is our area of expertise.

Waimak’s Investment Model will protect its Clients and Investors alike, against this new monetary paradigm of negative real rates and highly expansionary fiscal policies, that no doubt will last for a long time to come, because of the need for central bank to support the growing public debts of government, which brings fear and uncertainty, but also opportunity, as in this sense, the demand for Historic and Collector Vehicles and their value would be expected to grow, thanks to the interest of new market segments looking for protection from inflation and devaluation.

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At Waimak, we’re always to see how we can help; how we can preserve NZ’s Automotive Heritage in our own Country. We are looking forward to this new chapter and we are always willing to be of service.

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