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At Waimak Classic Cars, we have been actively involved in the classic car industry for the past 20 years, both nationally and internationally.

During these past few months, we have all been fronted with the challenges of Covid 19 – we are living unprecedented times indeed.

When the news of the world turns negative, we may be tempted to stockpile cash in the bank.

BUT THINK HARD before you do that…

Recently, we have seen a dramatic drop in the prices of some of the “most loved companies” stocks. What this means is that shareholders of these stocks have seen their account balances drop below their peak levels; affecting their net worth!

And what about Term Deposits? As we all know, not faring any better either!

Under the current climate, aren’t we better off investing some of our money in commodities? Throughout the years, comparing likes with likes, we have seen commodities such as Precious Stones and Metals, Arts and Collector Vehicles holding steady and making much higher returns than term deposits for example, through times of economic uncertainty.

Preempt and accept what’s going on we reckon. Let’s remember, that regardless of what the market does, it is simple logic and common sense to financially secure yourself, by locking some of your hard earned cash in commodities.

Ever thought of your own Classic Car Fund?

We believe that a classic car is in its own way a precious work of art and an emotional investment. Like any other passion investment, one shouldn’t expect short term returns…but does it not pay to have some wealth locked in an asset that has proven to perform well long term?

As we see it, THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL – it pays to convert some of your cash into commodities and albeit, for some, the collector car market might be new territory, it is our area of expertise.

We currently have several options available – from entry level to six figure collector pieces. The following charts should serve as a guide.

Affordable Collectables
German Collectables
Blue Chip
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