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Gloria Micallef

Administration Manager | info@waimakclassiccars.co.nz

“Embrace every experience in life as you never know what the future holds”……I grew up in Europe spending many a weekend in my dad’s garage, tinkering with some of his precious Classic Cars. Those childhood days have imprinted a remarkable passion for the preservation of Classic Cars which is vital to my role within Waimak Classic Cars. I am an MG aficionado, I love what I do , I enjoy meeting the broad spectrum of customers that are interested in our cars and nothing beats the pleasure I get out of comments from satisfied customers. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, antique furniture restoration and the regular trip to the peace and serenity of Stewart Island.


Jesmond Micallef

Classic Car Sales | sales@waimakclassiccars.co.nz
(By Appointment Only)

Cars have always been a passion of mine and turning this passion into reality is for me a dream come true. I may have founded Waimak Classic Cars but I think of Waimak as a growing hub of like-minded individuals, so one can never be thankful enough for the opportunity that New Zealand gave me; for all the challenges in life that led me to New Zealand and for my family, friends and car circles, who all play a part of Waimak’s success. It’s just great to be doing what I love and look forward to continue doing it for many years to come.


J J Micallef

Valuations | valuations@waimakclassiccars.co.nz

Since I was a child, I have seen my father tirelessly investing his time into establishing and building Waimak Classic Cars in New Zealand. Waimak was established to preserve classic and vintage vehicles, and to promote them as an alternative investment to stocks and property – tangible assets one can see, admire, and enjoy. Waimak contributed greatly towards raising the benchmark in this industry in NZ; by initiating and developing long term changes, and by introducing superior service, quality & convenience to its customers. We feel that various cars could fall within this category. We can facilitate valuations, that will assist with the purchase, finance, sale and insurance of these vehicles. Drawing on our experience and market knowledge, we can ensure that you receive the correct support for your individual wants and needs. Our valuations are designed to preserve and insure these beautiful cars. When I’m not at work, I enjoy driving my JDM cars. I love the excitement of their European and American counterparts with rugged Japanese reliability. Whether you are looking to invest in a JDM classic, sell your current JDM, or you’re in search of the next adventure or want to value your priced possession, we have options available to suit all customers.


Sally Lane

Events/Museum | events@waimakclassiccars.co.nz
(By Appointment Only)

Everything happens for a reason and meeting my husband, Marty, has a reason too! Marty has a great love of classic cars. Starting out as a panel beater he’s now Technical Specialist for the Collision Repair Association in NZ and I-car NZ. Over the years his love of classics has crept into my life too! The elegance, uniqueness and the amazing story each car brings, has made my role with Waimak Classic Cars very exciting and challenging at the same time. We have lived in North Canterbury for the past 35 years. The North Canterbury community means a lot to me. I really enjoy the diversity of the people and how interesting the Hurunui region is, with its abundance of boutique wineries, gift shops and farmer’s markets. A huge part of my career has been customer relations, sales/marketing and event hosting, I’m looking forward to welcoming you, to an exceptional viewing experience at Waimak Classic Cars. When I’m not at the Museum, I’m trying to tame my garden, playing piano or spending time with family.


Hamish Jacob

Classic Car Finance & Extended Warranties | finance@waimakclassiccars.co.nz

I have been a vehicle enthusiast my entire life, Classic Cars especially. I am a Classic Car owner having owned various brands throughout the years. In this time, myself & my wider family have also dealt with Waimak Classic Cars as very satisfied clients. My business background has been within large motor vehicle dealership franchises for 25 years. The majority of this time was as CEO within these dealerships, across multiple locations. For many years I have been involved in the financing of vehicles and I am an owner within a finance franchise network that has been Kiwi owned since 1970 with a proud track record of satisfied and repeat customers. I am happy to advise you on the best possible finance package & options to realise your classic car ownership dream. Contact me anytime to discuss how I can help you.


Peter Gallagher

Classic Car Insurance | insurance@waimakclassiccars.co.nz

For the past 12 years I have been working in the insurance industry, both as an insurer and broker.  During that time I have insured a lot of classic cars, and have really enjoyed learning about the vehicles themselves and the owners.  I’m here to arrange the right insurance cover for your new classic car, run through the options that suit your needs, and importantly we will be here to act for you and help you manage any claim.  I am part of the Brokerweb Risk Services Team, who operate throughout New Zealand.  Our goal is to offer our clients the right cover and the right price and to always be there to assist with claims.  Our network ensures we have access to a wide range of product, not only in New Zealand but around the world. When you want superstar insurance for your Vintage Vehicle, Classic Car or restoration project, you should know that we hold a special place in our hearts for such cars and their custodians. We’ve made it our business to fully understand what you need in an insurance policy.

Laura Good

Print, Graphic Design and Web Design | create@waimakclassiccars.co.nz

I have always been fascinated and intrigued by classic cars, particularly from a creative perspective, the detail, through and well thought solutions. I admire the details of the choice of finishings they designer chooses.
I can relate to the design process personally, I have been the in the design and print industry for close to 10 years, and enjoy the challenge of problem solving the needs of out clients and collaborating with them to achieve the best visual out comes for them.


Ben Selby

Kathryn Bamber

Photography | photography@waimakclassiccars.co.nz

As a long term classic car enthusiast, and someone who has worked as an auto electrician on old cars, I completely understand and appreciate the effort that goes into your car. Every car and every person have their own story and I love being able to capture that for people. Outside my day job, my passion for photography, whether that be landscapes, 4wd trips, portraiture, weddings or classic cars is something I try to fit in any moment I can, and what better way to commemorate your pride and joy than a photoshoot?

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