Classic Car Insurance

Unique Insurance Options For Unique Vehicles!

While some things cannot be replaced we can take the sting out of your loss through understanding the real value of your classic.

As you know, being a classic car buff is like being part of an exclusive club that appreciates design, history and beautiful things. But owning classic cars can bring with it a hefty price tag – not just to buy them but to maintain them as well. Classic car parts are typically very expensive and many can only be bought overseas. Because your old beauty is well, old, there’s a good chance you’ll need to replace working parts.

With our classic car cover, you can insure your vehicular treasure against any theft, damage or repair costs.

Get in touch with us to discuss how these options can guide your choice of protection:

  • All vehicles can be insured on an Agreed Value basis
  • For a new vehicle, if the car is a total loss within 24 months of you purchasing it new from a franchise dealer in New Zealand, you can choose to have the car replaced with a new one.
  • Our rating model is based on your individual usage and distances travelled
  • Discounts and package premiums are available for vehicle collections
  • Bespoke insurance for collections that recognises that while vehicles are predominately stored, they can also be driven
  • Insurance for vehicles undergoing restoration
  • Insurance for specialist vehicles, such as race cars, stock cars, 4X4 vehicles, show cars, heavily modified vehicles and vehicles issued with a Low Volume certificate.
  • Our insurance policy can extend to automatically insure spare parts for the vehicle
  • Where the Insured Vehicle is recognised as a limited production model and a comparable value cannot be attained locally, the international value will apply as agreed, upfront
  • When you want to put your special vehicle through its paces on a track or maybe race it, Track Day Cover is available on application and acceptance.

We share your passion for timeless design and automotive history so we know standard insurance policies don’t work for unique, exotic, sports, muscle, prestige or classic cars. You need to know your policy isn’t like an off-the-shelf answer for the daily driver but has every unique angle covered for your special vehicle and your expectations will be met if the worst happens. The answer is a classic cover for a classic vehicle.

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