Determining the value of your Classic Car. Whether you’re buying or selling a classic car, you will want to determine its value.

What is considered a Classic?

We feel that various cars could fall within this category. We can facilitate valuations, that will assist with the purchase, finance, sale and insurance of these vehicles. Drawing on our experience and market knowledge, we can ensure that you receive the correct support for your individual wants and needs. Our valuations are designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts to buy, sell, preserve and insure beautiful cars.

If you currently own a vehicle or have a collection of vehicles that you wish to raise capital against, insure or sell, we can help you with identifying value.

If you’re after a quote, please Contact us using the Form or Phone Number / Email below or visit our Contact Us Page.

NOTE: Our fee for this service is $99 + GST / per vehicle, for online valuations. Travel charges apply if your vehicle is located outside the Waimakariri / Christchurch region and you wanted us to come to you. In such cases, please ask for a quotation beforehand.

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