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We were amazed by the number of car clubs there are in Christchurch. The BMW car club was the first club through the museum and was impressed with the selection. The Mustang Club was the largest through with approximately 85 visitors and some outstanding vehicles parked on our grounds for visitors to peruse. We also had various retirement villages bringing …

Is the Chevrolet Corvette C2 Stingray the Coolest Corvette Ever?

Classic Reviews

The Corvette is the definitive all-American sports car. Having been in continuous production since 1953, very few people, petrolheads or not, haven’t heard of Chevrolet’s wild child. While countless variants have come and gone, the second-generation Corvette, is for many people, the Corvette’s finest hour. The roots of the second-generation car, the C2, can be traced back to the late …