Lotus Founder Colin Chapman’s Esprit Turbo Is Up for Grabs

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Lotus Founder Colin Chapman needs no introduction to the car world. Now you can buy the racing and car building visionaries own Lotus Esprit Turbo.

Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s very own 1981 Lotus Esprit Turbo is now up for grabs thanks to UK classic car dealers Mark Donaldson.

The Giorgetto Guigairo Esprit Turbo is a legend on its own. However, being owned by the company’s founder, gives this silver Series 3 Esprit Turbo extra kudos.

The Esprit was first registered on August 1 1981, where it was driven by the Iron Lady herself, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The story goes Thatcher was visiting Hethel and the greater Norwich area. Chapman saw a grand chance to get the PM in to visit Lotus.

According to Mark Donaldson, Chapman sent a private jet to pick up Maggie and her entourage. He then gave her a guided tour of the Lotus factory and race department. To top it all off, he let her drive his own Esprit Turbo. Thats right, the Esprit Turbo featured here was driven by Margaret Thatcher, and there is photo evidence to prove it.

The silver Series 3 Turbo is fully loaded with every conceivable option available at the time. This includes power steering, air con, and a thumping Panasonic RM 610 sound system.

Chapman modified the suspension and the Esprit is fitted with beefier brake pads. Sadly, Chapman passed away due to a heart attack 18 months after taking delivery.

The Esprit Turbo has been maintained to the highest possible standards and has passed through a number of owners. It really is a one of kind. So, if you are a Lotus fanatic, this should be on your shopping list.

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