Ford Popular Found in UK Garden

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When it comes to a spot of gardening and backyard DIY, nine times out of ten a certain amount of digging is required. However, while you might expect to find creepy crawlies and maybe that set of keys you thought you lost last summer, you don’t expect to find a whole car.

This is just what John Brayshaw of West Yorkshire found while pottering about in his garden. The car itself is barely recognizable, but upon closer inspection is believed to a 1955 Ford Popular 103E. John, who had onley bought the house six months ago, was stunned to find classic Ford lying buried in his garden while digging post panels for decking.

At first John thought it was just a roof, but kept going and realised it was a full car, minus the wheels. The Ford Popular, affectionally known as the “Pop” by enthusiasts, came complete with number plate and the speedometer can still be seen behind decades of rust and wear and tear.

The Ford Popular was one of the most popular cars seen on UK roads during the fifties and early sixties, thanks to their low price and ease of maintenance.

John is now appealing to experts and the public to shed light on why a Ford Popular was found buried in his garden. Multiple theories include the Pop was once the property of British Intelligence and needed to be disposed of, while others claim the previous owner didn’t want to pay the scrap dealer to take it away, so dug a huge hole and buried it.

Either way, we are not sure anyone will be taking on this project anytime soon.

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