BRM V16 F1 Cars to Scream Again

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To celebrate the 70th anniversary of their debut in Formula 1, BRM will be building three contination examples of their screaming Type 15 V6 Grand Prix car from 1950.

Despite not being a world beater, the Type 15 V16 BRM is regarded by motorsport fans everywhere as having one of the greatest engine notes of all time.

The BRM V16 continuation project is made possible thanks to a unqiue partnership between the Owen family and restoration specialists Hall and Hall.

John Owen, 81, son of former BRM team owner Sir Alfred Owen, is set to receive the first car, while the remaining two will be sold privately and will able to compete in historic race events thanks to FIA rules for continuation cars.

The task of building the continuation BRM’s fall to Hall and Hall, whose team will use the original BRM drawings, documents and photographs as a guide.

The grandsons of Sir Alfred Owen, Simon, Nick and Paul, discovered several chassis numbers which were to be used in BRM built cars. Sadly due to a change in FIA regulations for F1 at the time, these chassis numbers were never used on a car, leaving the three Owen’s to come up with an idea to relaunch and preseve the BRM name.

The BRM V16 Type 15 was driven such greats as Raymond Sommer, Stirling Moss and even Juan Manuel Fangio. The 1.5 litre V16 was supercharged and would scream all the way to 12,000rpm.

Sadly, its complicated and expensive design meant team founder Raymond Mays never realized his dream of a world beating British Motor Racing team.

However, one cannot argue the sweetness of that V16 howl, which when these three cars are complete, we should expect to seeing and hearing on circuits around the world soon.

By Ben Selby

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