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Sold 1968 Triumph TR5 PI Overdrive

1968 Triumph TR5 PI Overdrive




The TR5 is the best of the full-width TR bunch.

Combining Michelotti’s glorious lines with six-cylinder power and fuel-injection, the Triumph TR5 is arguably the pinnacle of the TR series.

Continuing the type of innovation that the TR series had become known for – the TR3 marked the first production application of front disc brakes, while the TR4A was the first quantity produced sports car in its class to benefit from independent rear suspension – the TR5 brought new-fangled petrol-injection to the masses.

Launched as a stop-gap model in 1967, it’s six-cylinder engine was basically a longer-stroke version of the Triumph 2000 unit, with most of the additional oomph coming from the PI setup, improved exhaust manifolding and a much fiercer camshaft. Power was a claimed 150bhp, achieved at 5500rpm, providing the new model with impressive levels of both grunt and performance.

Appearance wise, not a lot differed from the TR4A it replaced, with the fabulous Michelotti lines largely unfettered. The reason for this was that Triumph simply weren’t in the position to stump up for a completely retooled body, especially for such a low-volume production car. Exterior revisions were restricted to a modernised grille, matte black sills, a bright sill trim strip and prominent tail badging, including the all important ‘injection’ motif.


  • Very Rare in New Zealand
  • Highly Appreciating Asset
  • Matching Numbers Car
  • Manual / Overdrive
  • MINT Condition
  • 109498 Miles
  • Exterior - straight clean, excellent body with beautiful paintwork
  • Mechanically super sound.
  • Surrey Top Model
  • Fuel Injection
  • First registered in New Zealand in 2011 with 103561 Miles.
  • Fully Restored from the ground up in 2012 - traveled 5937 Miles since restoration, this car is still in superb condition having spent most of its life after restoration in a private collection.
  • Beautiful Motor  - This TR5 is anything but subtle – when you turn the key you really know about it, your ears assaulted by an aural commotion of impressive proportions. The venerable straight-six kicks into life with gusto, while a prod of the accelerator pedal yields a satisfyingly throaty rasp. The 5s weren’t known for their smoothness on tickover when new, and this one is no exception. Idling at just 600rpm, the engine is endearingly lumpy, to the extent that you almost begin to wonder if all is well under the bonnet. Thankfully it all starts to make sense once you head out onto the open road. Once that hairy cam comes on song you’re rewarded with silky smooth delivery, while there’s impressive amounts of power available from as low as 1500rpm. Once good and warmed up, the car absolutely implores you to drive it in a determined fashion. With that celebrated 150bhp to play with, it remains one quick piece of kit too. There’s more than enough grunt to press you back into the slim short-back seats as you accelerate away, the rear end squatting as all that torque explodes onto the tarmac.
  • The IRS suspension inherited from the TR4A means it rides well too.
  • Ride - As you’re moving along the road, one thing that does strike you is just how low down you feel in comparison to everything else on the roads today. This isn’t a problem though, as the height of the doors are sufficient enough to envelop all but the tallest of drivers, giving a reassuring sense of security as you hustle along.
  • Gearbox - With a gearbox descended from the very first TR2s, the change is precise and easy to get the hang of.
  • Steering - The rack and pinion steering feels nicely weighted and cornering ability is undoubtedly high - great fun to drive. No wonder the Triumph TR5 is one of the most sought after TR's that money can buy.
  • Well Maintained Vehicle.

The TR5 was great value for money compared to many of its contemporaries; indeed, almost 3000 found homes in just over a year of production.

The annals of history show the TR5 as something of a shooting star then, one that burned brightly, albeit not for very long. What that means in today's classic car world is that the TR5's rarity will always ensure cult status.

Highly Appreciating Asset - in recent years, it has proved to be way better than any term deposit in a bank.

Car will be sold WOF’d and Registered.



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