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Sold Roesche Talbot A.D 14 / 45 Darracq Bodied 1927

Roesche Talbot A.D 14 / 45 Darracq Bodied 1927



Roesch Georges was born in Geneva on the 15th of April 1891 and died in November 1969. He was a Swiss-born automotive engineer.

At 25, he was hired by the London firm of Clement–Talbot in 1916, as Chief Engineer.  In 1919 Talbot was acquired by Darracq and the following year the resulting combination merged with Sunbeam to form Sunbeam –Talbot – Darracq Motors (STD).

Between 1920 and 1925 Roesch worked with STD under Louis Coatalen to develop a six-cylinder push rod engine of striking simplicity and efficiency.

The first successful post war model was this Georges Roesch designed six-cylinder high-speed tourer released in 1927. From that point forward all Roesch cars sold well, including the 1936 Talbot 110 Speed Tourer, after the Rootes Group took over Talbot in 1935. The first Rootes Sunbeam, named the Thirty, designed by Georges Roesch, was propelled with a new 4503 cc straight-eight engine. This golden era of Georges Roesch, however, ended soon with the financial collapse, in February 1935, of the Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq business.

This is a VERY SPECIAL CAR – ONE OF ABOUT SIX with GENUINE DARRACQ BODIES left on the road today ( a few still unrestored).

It was built in 16.07.1927 –  Chassis Number 22718 / Engine number AD1708.

This Talbot was sold new by Trent Bros in Christchurch. It was first registered in New Zealand in October 1927. Worth mentioning is that this car has always been registered and WOF for road use, since new.

First restoration started in 1958 in New Plymouth. The car had then a Vehicle Identity card issued with number VV 0699 Status “R. It changed hands with little further work done, other than some mechanical work to help with performance without success.

It was in the last ownership that this car had an extensive restoration to engine and gearbox. I should note here that this car still has original gearbox i.e.: 4 forward gears + reverse (with gated gear shift). Gearbox has new shafts and bearings.

Engine was restored to back to standard specification (4500 revs at 65mph) and has been fitted with a modern oil filter system. The 14/45 Talbot is a six cylinder 61mm bore x 95mm stroke giving only 1665cc however by utilising Roesch's principles, 48bhp was achieved. The engine is a cast monobloc integral with a clutch housing and gearbox to form a single unit.

Placed on a straightforward chassis, the 14/45 came equipped with ample cast iron wheel brakes. Front axle has half – elliptic springing the rear – quarter-elliptic with Andre -Harford adjustable shock absorbers.

A stylish V Shaped German silver radiator nestles between a comprehensive array of Rotax headlamps and pair of 30's auxiliary driving lamps. Rotax side lamps mark the outer borders of the front guards.

At the rear of the body, besides the established rear lights, is a most impressive indicator ensemble.

The interior has standard leather seating, possessing excellent driver adjustable seat positioning with a central console of instruments incorporating speedometer, rev counter, clock with amps and oil pressure and temperature situated above. Right hand gear change and handbrake and standard modern pedal arrangement greet the driver.

All bearings, front and rear axles and all running gear has been rebuilt. All electrics have been rebuilt or rewired. All dash instruments have been rebuilt. Wire wheels are after market which replaced the standard Sankey type.

All work on this car has been done by professional firms and competent people. All guards have been reset to correct shape and repainted. Some performance modifications have been done to cope with modern fuels etc.

A camshaft was required and this rebuild and modified slightly from the original.

Electronic ignition has been fitted with hotter plugs to cope with modern fuels. Car runs best on 98 octane, better still on Aviation fuel.

This thoroughbred is a solid car, which has done approximately 12000 miles since engine rebuild. It is a most delightful vintage sports tourer to drive. A testament to its designer Roesch Georges, who was known for his perfectionist character (to the extent that this character refused to have a vacuum cleaner in his house because he found none of the existing vacuum cleaner designs satisfactory – so a report states).

Various receipts and history available.  Car comes complete with Hood, Side Curtains, Tonneau Cover & Windscreen Cover. Spare Parts Catalogues, Manuals and Tools.

PRICE FIRM. Car will come with a fresh six month WOF and 12 month registration if sold in New Zealand.




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