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2014 Ford Mustang Rouch RS3 GT Coupe

2014 Ford Mustang Rouch RS3 GT Coupe



There are few names in North American automotive circles that garner as much respect as that of Jack Roush, and unlike some of his peers, Roush has earned this respect at the race track.

The Roush Stage 3 Mustang (RS3) is the most popular of the turnkey Roush models, as it delivers a driving experience that the enthusiast will relish.

The cold, hard truth is that the Roush RS3 offers the enthusiast driver a package that represents the perfect medium when compared to these two cars as it is blindingly fast, distinctively appointed, and oh-so-fun to drive.

The RS3 seemingly erupts as it comes to life with the twist of the key and a blip of the throttle. Be forewarned: this is not a stealth machine, so prepare to be the center of attention wherever you go.


  • This 2014 Ford Roush Mustang has all the Stage 3 you can have on it including hood scoops to let the Roush supercharged V8 keep its cool. 
  • The 100 km/hour dash from a standstill can be executed in a mere 4.0 seconds in the RS3, thanks in large part to the 575-horsepower supercharged V8 power plant.
  • The RS3 interior treatment is predominantly factory Ford.
  • 5.0L Roush Charged V8 with 575 bhp
  • Grey With Black Stripes and all the extra bells and whistles that come with this package.
  • 20" Wheels
  • Dual-Zone Climate Control
  • 6-Way Power Seats Driver and Passenger
  • Heated and Cooled Seats
  • Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
  • Cruise Control
  • GT Performance Package
  • Active Exhaust - this car has an inescapable roar. In fact, its so easy to become intoxicated with the raucous rumble generated by the throaty Roush exhaust system that I guarantee that you'll be looking for tunnels to drive it with the windows down.
  • Supercharged - It is truly amazing how much more satisfying the driving experience is with the addition of the supercharger.  The subtle whine of the Roush R2300 supercharger reveals what type of mechanical magic is at work to deliver the big boost in power. This revolutionary design promotes more efficient flow of air into the engine, as well as improved noise and vibration characteristics. Roush partners this ultra-dependable blower with their own high-efficiency intercooler to boost engine output to an impressive 575 horsepower and 505 pound-feet of torque. This healthy increase in power output transforms the Mustang into a much more capable machine, and runs from zero to 100 km/h can be executed in a mere 4.0 seconds.
  • With such prodigious levels of power on tap,Roush chassis engineers have spent thousands of hours developing, testing, and racing their cars in search of the perfect set up for the RS3 with regards to acceleration, handling, braking and overall ride quality. The Roush Performance suspension system features custom-valved shock absorbers, rate-matched coil springs, a larger, stiffer front stabilizer bar, and a rear anti-wheel hop upper control arm. These components work in harmony to deliver the power to the ground and keep the tires on the pavement. As a result this car feels very dynamic when pushed to its limits.
  • Styling - the car features a modified upper and lower grille treatment designed to increase airflow to the engine and brakes, and a low-rise hood scoop. A full complement of front, side, and rear splitters help manage airflow under, over and around the car. A low-rise rear spoiler and side window louvres add extra sporty flair, while bold, two-colour graphics and discreet badges help complete the rather aggressive look.

This is an awesome car for the muscle car enthusiast, at a great price I should add.  Smack the pretty of the competition. This Rousch Mustang is loaded for fun!

Car will be sold WOF’d and Registered.




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