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1993 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 C4

1993 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 C4




The 1984–96 C4-generation Corvette is often passed over.

One could argue that it doesn’t have the swoopy curves of the previous C3 generation. It doesn’t have the sheer horsepower or cornering grit of the current models. But it did take the Corvette straight out of the ’60s, setting America’s sports car on a track toward becoming the world-beating performer it is today. And for the thrifty shopper, these days they’re the cheapest Corvettes on the market.

The groundbreaking LT1 V-8 engine arrived in 1992. This complete redesign of the Gen I small-block 5.7ltr V-8 was the extra-55-hp shot to the arm that the Corvette needed.


  • This is a low mileage vehicle in IMMACULATE CONDITION.
  • Imported in New Zealand from Illinois USA, it was first registered here in 1996 with circa 29K miles.
  • Five Owners in New Zealand - two long term (10 years and 8 years)
  • With 40 years of heritage and refinement behind it, this 1993 Corvette is a classic American two-seater, that combines smooth in-city performance and ferocious capability at high RPM.
  • Four Speed Auto, rack n pinion steering; technology in the 1993 Corvette also included an all-disc-four-wheel anti-lock brake system, and a traction-control system that helps Corvette utilise all available traction by regulating wheel spin.
  • High performance, asymmetrical, unidirectional 17″ Goodyear Eagle GS-C tires help deliver precise response to driver input.
  • The balanced feel of this Corvette is due to its sophisticated fully independent suspension technology, that includes monoleaf front and rear transverse springs, high strength but lightweight forged aluminum components and a unique five-link rear suspension that does an excellent job of keeping the rear tires “planted” even while cornering on irregular road surfaces.
  • The 1993 LT1 was described as “America’s Most Respected V8”. The LT1 was the most powerful small block V8 ever placed in a production Corvette. The LT1 updated Chevrolet’s small block V8, first introduced in 1955. It had powered more cars, both on the street and on the track than any other V8, and the LT1 was the update for a new generation of performance lovers.
  • Overall ride quality is of grand tourer caliber
  • Standard equipment include Electronic Air Conditioning / / AM/FM Stereo with Bose Music System / Intermittent Wiper System / Central Power Door Locks / Rear Window Defogger / Cruise Control / Fibreglass Roof Panel  / Leather Wrapped Sport Steering Wheel / Driver's Side Air bag / Passive Keyless Entry System / Analog Digital Instrumentation / Heated outside rear view mirrors / Power windows / Six way power drivers seat / Selective ride and handling / Leather Bucket Seats
  • Books / Manuals and some service history available with car.

The Chevrolet Corvette LT1, with its bumped-up power and well-put-together feel, reaffirmed its position as the American sports car of the time.

This is driving as it is meant to be. In this day and age, its still a V8 sports car on the cheap but good ones like this one won't be selling at these prices forever either. Like any other muscle / classic car of the 90's, prices will go up and you will regret not buying one when prices were still affordable.

Will be sold WOF'd and Registered.


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