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Sold 1972 Triumph TC2000 MK2

1972 Triumph TC2000 MK2




Many people have fond memories of owning a brand new Triumph 2000 back in the 60's and 70's and would probably buy another new one if only they could. They could be excused for thinking that the experience of driving a new Triumph 2000 is not possible today but this 1972 TC2000 Mk2 with a mere 40781 Miles on the odometer offers one a virtual drive back in time.

By the early 70's, the Triumph 2000 had earned  a reputation in New Zealand as a stylish, well built and well appointed saloon. The Mk1 won many loyal customers and the MK2 was to prove even more popular, so much so that even now, more than 20 years after production ceased, the MK2 is still a frequent sight on New Zealand roads.

A smooth and flexible 6 cylinder engine, solid coach work , wood fascia and door cappings, and independent rear suspension are just some of the car's endowments, which are so fondly remembered today.


  • This is a most beautiful, original, low mileage, low ownership example - would be hard to come across another one with this provenance.
  • Built in June 1972 in Nelson, this car with Chassis #: 3ME 56941 DL was one of the first cars to receive the new "weave pattern"leather-cloth seating. The first owner's wish for a red interior led to a 3 month wait for his new car. This car still smells new when one opens the doors and the original certificate of registration and the owners handbook are still with the car.
  • First owner took ownership of this car on 13 July 1972. As ordered the car came in No 19 white with red interior and manual transmission and during the next 10 years, the car was well serviced and received all of the attention that Triumph so rightly deserves.  In this time, the car was to cover a mere 9443 miles. Car remained with its first owner until his death in December 1982, at which time it was passed on to his daughter, who was a non-driver. Despite the car's new owner not taking to the wheel, it was nevertheless kept registered and occassionally driven carefully by certain trusted drivers. In the next 16 years it was to record a mere 3000 Miles.
  • A change in circumstances meant that the car came up for sale at 12600 miles in late 1998 and eventually found a new and most appreciative owner, who had fond memories of various Triumph models owned by his family in the UK and wanted to renew his association with the marque by acquiring a good, original, low mileage / ownership example.
  • What really strikes one when looking at this car is that it is an almost perfect preservation of exactly how things were 27 years ago. The dashboard veneer and door caps are still a deep rich brown - exactly as they appear in the 2000 MK2 sales brochure. The white paint on all of the interior controls and switches is still bright and sharp. None of the rubbers have shrunk, and they are still soft and pliable.
  • Lifting the bonnet reveals some lightly soiled components but nothing that could not be made to look "just out of the factory" with a little perseverance. An array of original stickers, warning about opening the radiator, giving the paint name, and instructing the owner on filling the windscreen washer bottle adorn various places of the engine bay.
  • When the second owner took possession of this vehicle it still had its original cross ply tires. These have subsequently been replaced with a set of new 185x 13 radials.
  • What is most apparent in taking to the road is the complete lack of wear in the suspension and running gear departments. There is a total absence of vibrations, rattles and squeaks with the only audible sounds being the pleasant note of the 1998cc motor up front and a little wind noise around the quarter light windows. It is amazing what a level stance a car with no anti roll bar can take in cornering when everything is in perfect working order.
  • This car comes with the original 1998cc engine with twin Stromberg CD150 carburetors turning out 90bhp at 5000rpm. Electrical parts are pretty much all the originals. This car was fitted with a Fuelstar to deal with unleaded petrol and all hoses are in perfect order.
  • The Boot of this 2000, like everything else on this car is perfect. The carpets are unmarked and the tool set is complete and original. The combination tool has its own holder with the Standard-Triumph logo embossed on it.
  • The gearshift is the typical Triumph notchy change and will not be rushed through the cogs. The clutch is light and once the driver acclimatises himself to the characteristics of the gear selector, motoring is a n absolute delight. The 2000 can slow almost to stop in 4th gear and then pull away without hesitation.
  • I have to be quite frank here and observe that this car is clearly the best performing standard 2000 I have ever driven. Over the years I have had the pleasure to own and drive many of these beauties and this car is a clear winner in the performance stakes.
  • A new clutch was fitted in 2015 - a Power steering has also been fitted - No Overdrive.
  • VCC Identification Number: P60v0364

A Mk2 in this condition needs to be used, whilst at the same time preserved; with such low mileage and ownership, it would make a sensible investment and will only be sold to the right buyer.

Car will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.




This vehicle has been sold

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