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Sold 1969 Corvette Stingray

1969 Corvette Stingray




The 1969 Corvette was a combination of beauty, power, and technological innovation for the time.

Picking a favorite year of classic Corvette is highly subjective, and enthusiasts justifiably like different years for different reasons. One model year that certainly deserves to be considered among the best is the 1969 Corvette. It stands apart not only from other Corvettes but from classic cars in general.

In addition to offering the horsepower that fans expect from a Corvette, the 1969 model was also noteworthy for a "spare no expense" mentality. According to the National Corvette Museum, the 1969 Corvette was full of small features that set it apart in terms of comfort and luxury.

The sound of a classic Corvette's engine is music to a car enthusiast's ears, and the 1969 Corvette aimed to please with a powerful base engine.

Standard 1969 Corvettes came with a V8 that produced 300 horsepower. This V8 was already regarded as being powerful enough, but different trim options offered even more. 1969 Corvettes could come with different V8 engines with more than the base horsepower.


  • This ‘69 ‘Vette is powered by a small block 350 V8 engine, which according to the original sale ticket, gave 300 horsepower.
  • Its in very good condition having been fastidiously maintained by its last owner - in fact, over NZ$40K of receipts come with it.
  • Has also been fitted with working Aircondition by Vintage Air - How cool is that :)
  • Body is clean with very good paintwork.
  • Interior has been refurbished and is mint. Also comes complete with Corvette carpets and Corvette Car cover.
  • Sweet running engine with that most satisfying V8 Burble - you'll be sad having to go back to your daily after driving this car, especially if its electric ;)
  • Back in 1969, power steering was just becoming an option on Corvettes and this car comes with manual steering, which is really not heavy especially considering the size of the wheels.
  • Driving this car takes you back to basics and despite having a long nose, you'd be hard pressed to find a blatant blind spot - this Stingray is a fun car to drive. It responds when you want it to, goes where you want it to go when you wanted it to go, and lets you do the driving, rather than drive you.
  • All it takes is three pumps to the pedal and Vroom Vroom off she goes. A great classic car and great styling for the year. Comes with lovely gauges instead of idiot lights, with an actual carburetor and distributor!
  • Easy classic to live with and it's one of the best looking cars ever designed. Everywhere you go, we guarantee you that people will come over to look at it and talk about it. You don't get that with today's look-alike cars. It has gobs of power for its weight. In fact, it not only holds its own against modern cars, you have to move into serious $$$$ territory before you can beat it. Best of all, you don't need thousands of dollars of electronic test equipment to figure out what's wrong with it when it doesn't run right. AND, it's really easy and cheap to fix. Parts are readily available. There aren't any $100 sensors in it, that are no bigger than your thumb, which take 3 hours of labour just to get to them and change them out.
  • We sometimes try to imagine what it must have been like when the master designers of the day were trying to put the C3 on the American/Canadian market. Working long hours in large stark rooms with fluorescent lighting. Using large sheets of paper (instead of a computer screen) with slide rules, drafting tables, and mechanical pencils always at hand. Chain-smoking indoors because nobody knew cigarettes were bad yet, or how bad.
  • This car is as photogenic as it can be, as it leans, dips, and rolls about. Gets snappy as its rear tires lose a bit of traction. You can never get tired of watching this car - pop up headlights, long flowing design lines, and a beautiful t-top roof!

The 1969 Corvette stands out even compared to other Corvettes for its timeless style and impressive technology for its age.

Widely regarded as one of the best looking Corvette models, the 1969 model is the second Corvette to be dubbed the Corvette “Stingray”. They were designed in 1967 and produced from 1967 to 1982. They came after the original stingray model, the Corvette C2.

This is a lot of car for the price! You get a beautifully styled body, an American V8 engine, and a cool piece of history. The price is low in comparison with other Corvettes of previous years and just like its predecessors, these too will appreciate in value. It is our professional view, that we are going to see the price of these car spike in the coming years, so get yours now!

Will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.



This vehicle has been sold

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