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Sold 1967 Corvette Stingray C2 (Manual)

1967 Corvette Stingray C2 (Manual)




The fiberglass-bodied sports car has been around through several body styles over the last few decades and an interesting phenomenon occurs whenever they change the shape of the ‘Vette.

Sophisticated car buyers thinking of buying one hold off for the new body styles. Shopping for one in 1962? Hold off for the updated 1963. Why buy the C5 in 2004 when you can get the C6 in 2005? As a result, the new models often saw a bump in sales while the older models would see a drop in numbers shipped. But flash forward a few decades and which are more collectible? As we know, rarity is one factor which often pushes price and desirability north.

Such was the case with 1967.

Chevrolet sold more than 27,000 Corvettes in 1966 but the numbers slipped below 23,000 the following year. In 1968, the sales would jump back up again to more than 28,000 with the new body style. Thus, 1967 Corvettes are rarer than the ones which came immediately before and immediately after. And it was the last year of what many people consider to be the iconic shape for the Corvette.


  • This Corvette is powered by a high performance 327 rated at 350 HP.
  • Cars like this are often pampered so they age well. This one only shows 70442 miles on its odometer, which seems about right considering how clean it is.
  • Comes with Side Mount Exhaust System – the option cost USD131.65 back in 1967 and was worth every penny.
  • A really nice sport / fun muscle car to drive with the right exhaust note.
  • One of the coolest cars you will ever drive and the 4 speed manual transmission is very easy to handle.
  • Very nice original leather interior with just the right amount of patina.
  • Beautiful, clean white paintwork on a straight fiber glass body and rust free chassis.
  • Good quality white wall tires.
  • New battery
  • Four wheel disk brakes / manual steering.
  • Healthy as motor, this is a number's matching true survivor car with heaps of grunt and power.
  • Highly Collectable - the Stingray was voted as the Best All-Around Car of 1967.
  • Two Owners in New Zealand (counting us)
  • Well serviced and maintained vehicle.

All these cars are slowly becoming extinct and a good one is hard to find plus 1967 was a good year for Corvette.

This one is up for debate, but there is a belief out there that Chevrolet’s C2 or second generation Corvette is one of the most important American sports cars of all time.

Perhaps even the most important.

Here’s the reasoning: the C2, with a well-developed chassis that included the adoption of independent rear suspension from day one and four-wheel disc brakes as standard by 1965, broke away from the typical perception that American sports cars were essentially lead-tipped missiles. They could actually handle and be produced with something resembling mass-produced parts.

Car and Driver magazine in 1967 reckoned the years of refinement of the C2 paid off in the 1967 model. In awarding it the title of Best All-Around Car in America for 1967, it said, "The Sting Ray is the most sophisticated passenger car made in America – in terms of engine, drive train, suspension and brakes – and among the best-engineered sports cars made anywhere."

Typically for this era of American car, the mechanicals are simple, robust and rely on brute force to do the job. That means your maintenance costs should be close to non-existent.

Car will be sold with a fresh WOF and registration.



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