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Sold 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville



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"Hi Jesmond, I don't know if I told you when we were corresponding that I am member of the South Canterbury Vintage Car Club. Last Saturday the club held one of its more important rallies of the year called the Mid Island Rally. I went in the Austin A55 and was one of about 68 vehicles that went on the run. It had a good showing of vehicles some old model Ts right through the years, the latest one being a 1964 mini. You name the brand of vehicle and it was there. Mine was the only Austin. We had good weather and I understand it was about 180 miles start to finish. It extended from Timaru through to Geraldine and then into a private forest. That was a bit challenging climbing up to the hilltops on roads only made for logging trucks. I was pleased to get back onto tarseal once we were on our way home. As usual I didn't get anywhere in the rally, thats not my luck. Prior to starting off from the Clubrooms they had a Concours display . About a dozen or perhaps eighteen vehicles went in it. I decided to put the A55 in the display. I don't know when the judging took place and we heard nothing until after the placegetters in the actual rally were announced. There was a table of Cups and Certificates being handed out . All went until only one big cup remained. I thought it won't be me because Ive never won one yet and next thing my name came up. I won the 2014 Concours Cup in my class which was (Post War Vintage) Every comment about the A55 on that day was good and she's going well. So there you have it Jesmond,I don't know if any other vehicles you've had have won Concours but now you know at least one has."
Bernie Fairbrass, Timaru, New Zealand




      I think its fair to state, that few cars represent the height of American auto indulgence more than the 1959 Cadillac!

      Also well known to having the largest tail fins in automotive history. When it was new, it was THE futuristic car to get!

      The huge fins evoked the excitement of the Space Age.

      As far as luxury and performance, it was and still is a terrific car.

      Great horsepower, smooth 4 speed transmisson. Power windows, steering, seat, antenna and a Wonder Bar radio! Air-Conditioning too!


      • Chassis 59J101651
      • This car can best be described as a good tidy example. Not concours or mint but tidy and usable...and price reflects condition.
      • Excellent driver - smooth, comfortable and a sweet running motor.
      • I've been driving this for a few weeks now and hand on heart - its an experience to be remembered.
      • Smooth automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes. 
      • Sumptuous interior, as one would expect from a Caddy, in good factory original order - no tears in the upholstery, no spots, no cigarette burns, no nothing.
      • Interior space is generous and the one-piece front bench seat is quite comfortable.
      • That beautiful Caddy motor always fires up at the first try and runs gently after that.
      • Power delivery is very smooth, with its big engine pulling willingly and strongly all the time.
      • The big V8 under the hood sure makes itself felt and heard - and what a wonderful noise it is. There's nothing like the sound of an old, pre-emission control, American carbureted V8. It's music to the ears of an enthusiast, that growling and hammering of sheer big-displacement engine power.
      • Putting the pedal to the metal sets the big Caddy in motion so violently, that the softly sprung front end would rise alarmingly, the long, long hood pointing upwards to the sky - it feels like a catapult start, accelerating with contemptuous ease. 
      • This 59 Caddy handles well for such a huge car with a very conventional suspension designed for maximum comfort. In fact, the 59 had all the ingredients of a much more modern car and compares favorably to more modern 70's American cars. These Cadillac were many years ahead of their time whether it be handling, braking, ride and comfort. Very impressive indeed.
      • Imported from a dry US State (we understand California) - good straight body with nice paintwork.
      • Mechanically sound.
      • Various cracks on dashboard, as can be seen on photos.
      • Spare wheel, jack etc available with car.

      So there you have it - a nice, usable and desirable 59 big fin Caddy for your enjoyment. Use as is or restore - your call but fun never the less.

      As described above, its not a concours car and we are not selling it as that but it will be sold with a fresh VTNZ WOF on sale and 12 months Registration.


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