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Sold 1954 Jaguar XK120

1954 Jaguar XK120




The Jaguar XK120 - The First Car Ever to Exceed 100 MPH For Seven Days and Nights and the First Car ever to win an Alpine Gold Cup.

Since that memorable day when the Jaguar XK120 startled the motoring world by achieving 132.6 MPH, the highest speed ever attained by a standard production car, its career has been one of continuous success, culminating in 12 months of glory. In places as far apart as Europe, South America, the USA and Australia, enthusiasts owners have registered successes in every conceivable type of competitive event.


  • Certificate # 10932 USA dated 15/3/2005
  • Certificate # 29803  NZ dated 16/9/2008
  • This Jaguar XK-120 (Chassis # 661139) was originally manufactured in November 1953 but was not dispatched from the Jaguar Works in Coventry/UK until 7th September 1954 as per the Jaguar Heritage Certificate # 29803. It was one of the very last Open Two Seater (OTS) models built with production ending at Chassis # 661172.


  • 1st Owner: The original owner was Nick Lamont-Walker who took delivery of the car from Charles Attwood- Jaguar Dealers in Wolverhampton on the 10th September 1954. Nick was employed for a while by Jaguar cars as an apprentice mechanic but after he married he was able to enjoy all sorts of sporting pursuits including racing Sprint Class catamarans in the Isle of Whyte regattas but sports cars were his real passion. There is not much history in the UK of this early period of ownership but according his daughter - Pam Jack- his then wife owned a Triumph sports car but sadly was killed in a road accident whilst driving it. Nick then decided to immigrate to Canada and arranged for the car to be shipped over there.  Trained as a mechanic/ technician, Nick found work on the installation of the early satellite tracking stations across Canada as this was the beginnings of the cold war period. Nick often used to race the XK in winter events often on courses set out on frozen lakes. At an Elkhart Lake event in the June Sprints meeting, he competed in a 300mile race and finished 4th in his class.  When construction of these tracking stations was completed he moved to the USA in September 1958 and continued racing in Ohio and Michigan with mixed results at tracks such as Waterford and Grayling MI. Around this time he met Carole and in September’60 they decided to settle in Phoenix, AZ where they raised two daughters. Nick then worked for the Jaguar Dealership there but retained links with Jaguar/UK about his US racing programme. Hi daughter Pam recalls taking rides in the XK around the neighbourhood siting between the rollover bars and hanging onto her father’s head! The Walker family always referred to the car as ‘RUMBLE’. During this period in the early 60’s he would continue to race the XK part time at various AZ racing circuits and Inter-State events. He worked on and helped prepare factory backed Jaguar C & D types and became great friends with Duncan Hamilton when he was racing at various US circuits. Carole also enjoyed these car events and periodically would race her own E’type.  We have located some of Nick’s racing history with the car and discovered that he raced in a number of mid-west circuits including an entry into a 1961 Road America event where he was unplaced. He also tried his hand in hill climb events such as the 1966 Jerome event in AZ which is a formidable event starting at 5000 ft. To his credit he finished 3rd overall. He won the National Championship of his SCCA division in 1964 but after that he no longer raced in a national level but became very active in Arizona at an amateur level. He was an early member of the Arizona Amateur Auto Racing Assn (AZRRA). At this time Nick was working for Frontier Airlines in Phoenix. In the mid 70’s Nick moved to Prescott, AZ to start his own auto repair and restoration company and employed mechanics and panel beaters to restore a variety of cars over the next 30 years. He finally stopped racing the XK in the early part of 1980 after competing in an Enduro event at the Phoenix International Raceway. In total, his racing career with the XK spanned a period of some 25 years. Although Nick had started the restoration of the XK,  as a result of failing health he sold the XK in August 2004 after a 50 year ownership period. He passed away in December 2005.
  • 2nd Owner : Richard North, Prescott/AZ. He bought the XK from Nick Walker and continued with the restoration work completing it during 2006.
  • 3rd Owner: Private Christchurch Owner (Details protected Under NZ Privacy Act Law) The XK was offered for sale on Ebay by Richard North in July 2006. Car was collected from Prescott and shipped to New Zealand in August 2006.
  • 4th Owner: Jesmond Micallef - Waimak Classic Cars Ltd


  • After a detailed examination of the XK on arrival, it was decided to undertake a second and more thorough restoration of the XK. This was started in 2007 with the process taking some 9 years. A total of  3500+ hours were involved in the restoration process.
  • This work entailed the separation of the body from the chassis, the fitting of upgraded components and repainting in a pastel green metallic colour. The chassis was cleaned, sand blasted and then powder coated  in a black colour. A new hood with rebuilt framework was fitted including a new tonneau cover assembly. The restoration programme is fully documented.
  • During this restoration period and via a quirk of circumstances,  the original cylinder head was located in the USA in March 2018. This head had been removed from the car in the late 50’s for the fitment of a C-type head when the car was used for racing. This original head (# F1009-8) was purchased from Florida Sportscars/USA.
  • Upon arrival, the  C’Type head was removed by Dave Silcock Motors/Christchurch and the original head was refurbished,  upgraded with revised camshafts and the refitted to the block after a period of separation of almost 60 years. At the same time the two  sandcast 2” SU carbs were replaced by a pair of 1.1/2” SU carbs.
  • The C-type head that was fitted to the car was # G7240-8S but on the underside was the stamping C-7707 – 1 RHD 588 which confirmed it as a genuine C’Type head although it didn’t have the C engraving between the camshafts.


  • NZ Registration #   HPZ31    (Original UK plate NJW 421)
  • Chassis #  661139.      (NZTA VIN plate 7A8990J07661139)
  • Engine # F-1009-8
  • Body # F 6433


  • Hi Torque gear reduction starter motor
  • Pertronix Ignition system
  • Lightened flywheel
  • Aluminium racing radiator
  • Stainless exhaust system
  • High ratio diff  3.31: 1
  • Oil filter spin on kit – cartridge screw on type
  • 5 speed CJ-5 USA built gearbox & prop shaft
  • Coopercraft front disc brakes with alloy callipers – 4 piston type
  • Heavy duty roll bar 1” diameter
  • All suspension bushes are polyurethane
  • Battery c/w isolating switch
  • Engine immobiliser fuel switch
  • High brake stop light
  • Negative to earth battery conversion with new alternator
  • Electronic SU fuel pump
  • Quick release fuel cap
  • Extended pedal box assembly
  • Racing bucket seats with lap seat belts
  • Smaller diameter steering wheel
  • Wire wheel conversion adapter kit fitted, spline hubs, knockoffs
  • 5 new 6” x 16” MWS 72 spoke wire wheels – grey enamel finish
  • Two new side window storage envelopes built up.

A STUNNING example, that will only appreciate in value.

Car will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.


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