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Sold 1927 Austin Chummy

1927 Austin Chummy




Power to the people - 100 years on!

Recession and tax have always blighted our lives, but occasionally those two dark clouds are lined with silver. Such was the case 100 years ago when one of the greatest cars of our times was unveiled to the public: the Austin Seven.

Charming charismatic prewar classic, known as ‘Chummy’, that’s as simple as it’s affordable and enjoyable. Great specialist and club support and a charmer if you buy right.

If you fancy a prewar classic that’s easy to own, then it has to be Austin Seven, the car which mobilised Britan and provided the basis for many inspiring designers and engineers to work their magic on – not least one Colin Chapman – and they still make competitive competition classics to this day!

Dubbed ‘Chummy’, this vintage classic is certainly a friendly as well as easy to own one.

The first Sevens were built in 1922 as four-seater open tourers. Nicknamed the Chummy, the first 100 examples featured a 696cc four-cylinder engine, which was superseded by a 747.5cc unit that survived until the end of production 17 years later.


  • Your first impression is that the Austin is indeed tiny and primitive – with such a snug cockpit for the occupants it’s no wonder the car was dubbed the ‘Chummy’! At rest, there is some play in the steering and it’s essential that some slack remains because without it, the action is so direct.
  • The clutch is a rather abrupt affair as you move rapidly from first, up through second and into third in no time, double-declutching the gearbox along the way. To make the best progress, third gear is then held as long as possible, keeping top in reserve until you are on the straight. The inherent skittish handling can be quelled by reducing chassis flex and Sevens were popular and successful racers in their day.
  • This car will sit happily at 45-50mph, and thanks to a sharpish steering plus a surprisingly comfortable ride, even long-distance journeys are enjoyable. As long as you’re not in a hurry anyway but If you’re looking for an antidote to the pace of modern life, the Seven is just the ticket.
  • Three speed crash gearbox
  • Good tires / wheels.
  • Soft top and side curtains in very good condition.
  • Interior in good condition
  • Seems to be mechanically sound
  • Drives and runs well.
  • Original certificate Of Registration Available
  • VCC Registered
  • Various maintenance records available.
  • Inspections welcome!

The Austin Seven was a sales sensation.

Production started in 1923, and it was an immediate hit, with 100,000 cars being sold by the end of the decade. But that only tells part of the story. The little Austin was also a catalyst for change in the industry, which saw other so-called mainstream manufacturers, like Vauxhall and Sunbeam, start to downsize, winning sales from buyers with smaller budgets. And it was a successful formula: when the first Seven rolled off the line at Longbridge, there were 383,000 cars on UK roads. By 1930, there were one million.

The Seven was also a tuner’s dream. While its basic design remained unchanged, body variations were legion (Jaguar founder William Lyons’ Swallow body, an early example), as were improvements to its powertrain, which by the late ‘30s meant a four-speed, part synchromesh ‘box and a dizzying 17bhp from its engine. In fact, the motor was so tuneable, that Austin sanctioned the build of a series of single-seater, supercharged racing cars.

No surprise, then, that some legendary drivers and engineers were cutting their teeth on the Seven, even after it finished production. Colin Chapman’s first Lotus – the ‘Mk1’ – was a modified Seven, with boxed-in chassis rails and cigar-shaped body, which he campaigned successfully in 750 Motor Club events. Bruce McLaren, GP racer and founder of McLaren Automotive, entered his first competition in a Seven Ulster restored by his father in 1952. ‘Jem’ Marsh, founder of Marcos, grew his original Speedex business around manufacturing and selling tuning parts for Sevens. And Arthur Mallock, father of the eponymous Mallock U2 racers, which still dominate club events today, developed all the chassis systems he was renowned for around his ‘Bombsk’ special, based on a short-chassis Austin Seven.

A RARE car today - this is a must have in every collection.

Car will be sold WOF'd and Registered, if sold in New Zealand.




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