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Jaguar Enthusiast Luncheon

Past Events

We recently surprised a Jaguar enthusiast with a luncheon for her and her family. Gloria picked her up from home in the Jaguar MK 9, took her on a tour of the countryside, (she sat in the back with her family, just like the queen) then rolled up to the museum for a look and a sumptuous buffet lunch. They could take their time and relax, there was no rush, AND they had the …

The Jaguar E Type: 60 Years Young

Classic Reviews

By Ben Selby You know a car is regarded as automotive art when the Godfather of fast cars thinks it’s a looker. Enzo Ferrari himself famously said the Jaguar E Type was the best-looking car ever produced. Il Commendatore did have a point. Built in Coventry, the Jaguar E Type is a masterpiece, and takes pride of place in the …

The Unbelievable Story of Duncan Hamilton, Jaguar and Le Mans 1953

Classic Yarns

By Ben Selby As far as endurance races go, it really is hard to beat the Le Mans 24 Hours. Sure, the Daytona 24 and 12 Hours of Sebring are racing epics worthy of the cult following they have today, but Le Mans is special as its the grand-daddy of them all. Since 1923, there have been countless incredible and …