Last Buick Grand National Ever Built Heads to Auction

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By Ben Selby When one considers American cars built in the 1980s, there no doubt will be the usual references to C4 Corvettes, Fox body Ford Mustangs and of course that talking icon of eighties TV, the Pontiac Trans Am. However, people tend to overlook the Buick Grand National, one of the most brutish designs ever to come from General …

Aston Martin Bulldog

The Greatest Aston That Never Was

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By Ben Selby In the late seventies, Aston Martin were not what one would call “financially stable.” The decade which gave us space hoppers, bell-bottom pants, T Rex and massive sideburns, saw the fortunes of Aston, take a slight nosedive. However, while better times lay ahead, this didn’t stop them from sticking two Churchillian fingers up at the competition. The …