Road Trip Destinations: Auckland to Muriwai

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By Ben Selby

Summer is almost here. The nights are getting longer, the climate is getting hotter, and at long last, life in New Zealand is slowly returning to a new normal. Everywhere New Zealand classic car fanatics are starting to dig out their toys and make for the nearest beach.

If you live in Auckland, chances are you will have visited Muriwai at some stage. It remains a great day out with your classic car and not too far which is good news if your ride of choice is of the bare essentials’ variety. So, with perfect beach weather just around the corner, here is how you can fully enjoy a classic jaunt to Muriwai

Leaving central Auckland, you head west along SH16. This will take you through Te Atatu, Massey and eventually Kumeu. Once in Kumeu, there are a number of shops and Supermarkets just in case you have forgotten some of those essentials for a trip to the beach. Also, if you are after a bottle of vino, the Kumeu River Wines have a good selection to choose from.

Leaving Kumeu, you proceed along SH16 till you reach the town of Waimauku. Here you must turn right onto Muriwai Road. As the name of the road suggests, you are now on the home stretch towards Muriwai. Here the road starts to flow and you can let your classic’s hair down figuratively speaking. Before long Muriwai Road changes into Oaia Road and you arrive in Muriwai itself.

All up, and factoring in a quick stop for some last-minute supplies, the journey to Muriwai should take between 40 minutes to an hour. That said, some would claim the ability to do the distance in a significantly shorter time but we wont open that can of worms.

The beach at Muriwai as actually 2kms. You can drive up the coast road and follow the beach before you get to an entrance way. Here you can even drive on the sand, though you need to apply online for a free permit. Also, we do recommend you check if your classic is sufficiently up to the task. Then again, Post War Muriwai was once home to local beach racing events. Bruce McLaren even won his first official race there.

Head back down the coast road and there are a number of spots to park up and enjoy a spot of lunch. You can also take some time to check out the Gannet Colony south of Muriwai Beach. However, it is recommended you visit this during the warmer months as this is when the Gannets flock in their thousands to this site. You can walk along a boardwalk which puts you right next to the Gannets. As this is breeding time for these seabirds, you might even witness a few babies being born.

Whether walking or simply taking in the sight of the Tasman Sea rolling in, Muriwai has got your classic day trip sorted.

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