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Sold MG MGA Mark 1 1957

MG MGA Mark 1 1957



High in Style, High in Spirit, this was the first of a new line.

The MGA was a new chapter in MG history. It was designed, engineered and built in the tradition that has made its predecessors the favourite of true world sports-cars the world over.

The MGA was the smartest, safest, fastest MG ever engineered and to find one in “as new” condition sixty years on, is an opportunity not to be missed for the serious collector and true enthusiast alike.


  • Manufactured by The MG Car Company Ltd Abingdon-on-Thames, England, this is Car #: HDR 43/14067 (code for Left Hand Drive, USA, Convertible, Old English White)
  • Engine #: BP15 6B 4138
  • The first MGA was #: 10000, so this vehicle was the 4067th MGA to come off the production line in Abingdon, probably in 1956.
  • The original owner in Canada was a serviceman, who served in Germany.
  • This car's main lady owner, who imported the car into New Zealand in 1964, bought the car from North Shore Small Cars Ltd – a dealer in North Vancouver, Canada in 1959 and still owned it when she died in 2001 at the age of 81.
  • From New Zealand, she soon after shipped the car to Brisbane. Whilst in Brisbane, the car carried out the Registration #: NT 24.901.
  • She shipped the car back from Brisbane to Auckland in October 1965 and car lived in Blenheim thereafter.
  • With a recorded 74000miles on the clock, the car was at the time insured for NZ$550.00 and received a new number plate, which it still carries today.
  • Whilst in Blenheim, the car was serviced by Geoff Noad's Energy Centre. Minimal work was carried out on the car at the time. In fact, apart from spark plugs, distributor contacts and the like, the work done was only ever just enough to pass its WOF.
  • The WOF check sheet issued by the Blenheim Testing Station in February 1999 recorded the odometer reading at 8811miles. This probably meant that the car had travelled only a total of 108811miles (compared with the 74000miles reading in 1965).This WOF expired in August 1999 and was not renewed.
  • Back in 1997, this car was black, although it was reportedly pale blue in 1965 when it reached Blenheim from Australia. Four coats of paint, original white, blue, red and black were stripped off, when the surface was being prepared for its new ‘Old English White'.
  • Amongst the documents was an article from NZ Women's Weekly, dated June 1963, about Rodney Brayshaw of the MG Car Company in Palmerston North, which indicates that his Company did the RHD conversion.
  • During dismantling, it was noted how good the condition of the brakes and suspension were, but that the motor had little attention (the sump interior was incredibly dirty).
  • The bodywork was very rough, though there was little serious panel damage.
  • The floor plywood and carpets were rotten, and there was advanced rust in both door pillars and sills, which necessitated their complete renewal using Moss-supplied repair kits.
  • This car was completely dismantled, underseal removed and chassis, suspension and all body parts sandblasted, except large panels such as bonnet, boot lid and doors. These were stripped to bare metal with rotary 3M pads.
  • The engine has been fully reconditioned by the Classic Engine Shop in Tauranga with a rebore and crankshaft grind and new pistons and bearings and rebuilt cylinder head.The original generator and starter motor have been dismantled and checked, and new coli, points, front and rear lights, fuel pump and new wiring loom fitted.
  • All instruments are original and function well.
  • The combined brake and clutch master cylinder, and slave cylinder have been re-sleeved and all wheel cylinders, hydraulic and fuel pipes and flexible hoses replaced.
  • The bodywork is the most vulnerable part of an MGA and in this car is all original apart from front and rear bumpers, and has been carefully repaired and repainted to a high standard.
  • Rust protection with wax etc has been extremely thorough throughout the restoration process. Assembly throughout has been done with copper grease on all fixings.
  • Seats, door cards and hood have been professionally upholstered in leather and carpets were supplied by Moss Europe.
  • All new parts were imported from Moss Europe through the MG Shop in Mount Maunganui.
  • Original NZ Certificate Of Registration available.
  • Original British Columbia Motor Vehicle License available.
  • Original British Columbia Retail Buyer's Agreement available.
  • Original Colombus Line from Australia to New Zealand available.
  • Original Australian & New Zealand Insurance documents available
  • Original documents from the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand showing shipping from Australia to New Zealand available.
  • Original Australian & New Zealand Customs Documents available

This car is concours. It has had endless $$$ spent on it.

The harsh reality is that it would take more than $100K to restore a car in this condition today making this car very good value for money.

This car will be sold WOF'd and registered if sold in New Zealand.



This vehicle has been sold

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