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Sold MG BGT V8 1974

MG BGT V8 1974



MG V-8's can be divided into two distinct categories, the factory cars, which were built from 1973 – 76, and the more numerous “conversions which have transplanted V-8 engines.

During the period from 1973 to 1976, almost 2,600 MGB/GT V-8's rolled out of the Abingdon plant. The cars were powered by the Rover 3.5 liter aluminum V-8, which was a descendent of the Buick/Olds 215 engine. A specially designed four-speed MG transmission was used, with Laycock overdrive fitted as standard equipment. The rear end gearing was changed from the MGB's 3.9:1 to a lower 3.07:1 which could take advantage of the V-8's torque while delivering much improved highway cruising RPMs and gas mileage.

With the exception of a few roadster prototypes, all of the V-8s were the hardtop GT model. Most of the factory V-8's, like this one, were consumed by the UK market with some going to Europe and Australia. There are currently about 18 factory V-8's in the U.S. They are highly priced and almost never available for sale.

So what we bring you here is a rare car in very nice condition.

Wonderful and Powerful, these cars are an absolute thrill to drive.

Well maintained car by British Car & MG specialists – various service records and maintenance history available with car.

Original Driver's handbook, MGB parts book and various MG V8 Register workshop notebooks available with car.

Matching Numbers.

Wheels exclusive to the V8 model.


  • Engine and transmission have both been stripped down and fully rebuilt (circa 1990). In the case of the engine, this rebuilt involved new cam followers (hydraulic tappets), a new camshaft as well as the usual new rings etc. The valves did not need any attention to them at the time and similarly the big ends were found to be in perfect condition. Engine is set up to run on lead free petrol without additive.
  • The gearbox was rebuilt to racing standards by Victor Young, formerly of the Competition Department of MG. All of the gears, lay-shaft synchromeshs etc have been renewed as well as some racing modifications. The 1st and 2nd gears have been internally machined to accept a double set of needle roller bearings thus enabling the lay-shafts to take the added torque of the V8 engine.
  • Tuned tubular exhausts manifolds have been fitted giving an extra 4-5 brake horse power.
  • The carburetors were rebuilt with all new needles etc.
  • Rear leaf springs were renewed. All engine and suspension mounts were renewed with updated mounts where necessary.
  • All hollow body sections were injected with Waxoyl, a proprietry substance with rust inhibiting properties.
  • Similarly, all exposed body work, wheel arches, cross members etc were repainted in Hammerite, another rust proofing paint.
  • The interior likewise was rustproofed before fitting the new seats, which are a special seat developed by Sprite, Midget and MGB, C, V8 Centre so the seats are very well regarded as an improvement on the original.
  • The carpets and other interior trim was all newly fitted at the time of restoration.
  • The wheels are standard V8 wheels painted in rust proofing Hammerite, as the centers are alloy but the rims are bolt on wheels.
  • The paint was firts ten coats of high build primer followed by thirteen coats of the best quality cellulose lacquer, rubbed down between coats. The colour is British Leyland Glacier White (Blue Shade).
  • The front cross member was dropped and rebuilt with regards to mounts, anti roll bar, king pins etc. This was also rust proofed. 
  • Comes with Webasto Sunroof - A very comfortable system that brings fresh air, light and a panorama view.
  • Car was valued by Colin Campbell Motors of Hastings on the 26th January 1990 at $35K. Cars like this sell today at US$40K+ in the US and close to GBP30K in the UK. At the advertised price, when considering its rarity, overall condition, and appreciation in the last 25 years, this car is in our opinion very well priced.

Car will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.




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