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Sold Mercedes-Benz 250C 1971

Mercedes-Benz 250C 1971



Experts agree that the most durable Mercedes cars ever built are those of the New Generation W114/115 series, introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show of 1967.

Manufactured for almost a decade, until 1976, and devoid of black boxes and electronic gimmicks whose failures eventually relegate even rust free late-models to the boneyard, Mercedes' New Generation cars are as solid as Sherman tanks and destined to live forever.

Exceptional longevity, utilitarianism, and value aside, what a collector wants is a car that elevates one's heartbeat by its sheer presence alone. Ironically, these wonderful cars have been overlooked by collectors until recently. Doing daily duties for three decades or more, few have enjoyed the care of a single owner, pampering it like a favorite child.

Consequently, the car offered here would just be what a collector lusts for: an original Coupé, not needing restoration, a car that looks beautiful, inside and out.  


  • Proudly offerred to the discriminating aficionado, this NZ New car was built in1971, Chassis 11402122006266.
  • This 250C certainly is one of the finest examples of its kind in New Zealand; very original and looks mostly untouched.
  • Always driven sparingly, with only 94869 kilometers on the clock, with a few miles added to the odometer each year, on average, just enough to keep the vital fluids circulating.
  • This prestigious 250C Coupé comes equipped with a 2.5-liter engine.
  • No computer, electronic throttle sensors but enough power to cruise at triple-digit speeds on the Autobahn, all day long.
  • Engine compartment is clean and tidy.
  • Examining the the sleek body lines, the Coupé's roofline is lower than the sedan's. Mercedes actually chopped the top about two inches for a sportier look.
  • Mostly factory original, we believe that this star cruiser has never been apart. There are no dings, dents, or scratches anywhere. The doors still close with the characteristic bank vault sound no automaker has ever been able to copy.
  • Clean paint and body aside, what matters even more on a 40+year-old classic is the condition of the undercarriage, which by the way is very clean. 
  • The original interior is very well preserved. Gauges look clean and tidy. Instruments, lights, switches: everything works flawlessly. Illuminated heater levers look perfect and move smoothly. Comes with original big ocean liner steering wheel.
  • The interior exudes all the Gemütlichkeit of the Bavarian Obersalzberg Bratwursthaus. Solid elegance is the main theme; richly embossed MB-TEX, an original headliner, chrome-plated fittings, real Zebrano wood accents, and the traditional square weave carpeting provide a cozy atmosphere. Legroom is otherworldly. Even a 6'8" giant finds plenty of space and will agree that the W114 is one of the most comfortable cars in the world, Rolls Royce saloons included. There is also plenty of room in the rear passenger compartment, even for full-figured and long-legged people. Seats, side panels, carpeting, weatherstripping¦everything proves to be fantastically preserved and ready for another 32 years of use. The build quality of the 250C is unsurpassed; even a brand new Mercedes-Benz could not hold a candle to the achievement of the W114/115 series. Sad but true: they don't make them like this anymore. 
  • The cavernous trunk is big enough to swallow several bicycles at once. Its rust free floor is still protected by the original gray rubber trunk mat. The spare, jacking equipment, and all the 'hidden corners' nobody cares to inspect are clean as a whistle.
  • A stunning car, no doubt. But what's it like driving a 32-year-old show piece in today's traffic?¦the Benz humms along happily at 75mph, thanks to its advanced 4-speed automatic with fluid coupling. Admiring looks, thumbs up, and many smiles along the way confirm what we knew all along: everybody loves this car! Also, the 250C can show its strength and road manners on the never-ending bends we have in this country. Power steering is very precise and power-assisted 4-wheel disc brakes anchor the car with the authority of a parachute. This is not only a safe car; this is a bullet proof tank in beautiful disguise.

This 250C deserves a new owner who will cherish and preserve it. If you are a person of impeccable taste, someone who appreciates a pampered survivor more than todays dernier cri which fades so quickly, this rare Mercedes Coupe might be just the car for you.

If you enjoy the unhurried lifestyle of old, cruising along quiet country lanes, side windows lowered, a warm spring breeze tugging at your hair, you might fall in love with this unique automobile. If you love German solidity and value a car that's sophisticated in design, but mechanically straightforward, you could fit the owner profile of the 250C.

Will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.



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