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Sold Jaguar XKR Supercharged 2007

Jaguar XKR Supercharged 2007



Someone once quoted that the XKR needed more aggression. Well, Jaguar's been listening as this Supercharged XKR Convertible has 420bhp at 6000rpm. Hows that for aggression?

There exists a serious misconception nowadays about performance,based on the very flawed belief that you can never have too much of anything – be it money, power or BHP¦

Think like that and you'll be one of those who know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Think like that and you're missing the point by a mile – well, a standing quarter mile at least! Make no mistake, Jaguar's sports cars are all about power¦ but with panache.

Panache demands balance; between beauty and the beast. And panache the XKR Convertible has in spades, starting with the casual way it carries off those evocative bonnet louvres; a tiger wears its stripes with the same nonchalance. The story's the same for the quad exhaust tailpipes, meaty rear spoiler and side power vents. No bragging or aggression meant here; just chassis-deep confidence.


  • Naturally, the very first thing you do with a car like this is to drop the top; press the appropriate button and 18 seconds later you're good to go.
  • Buckle up, push the Start button and the 4.2-litre V8 bursts into life with a crisp bellow that will wake up the neighbours. This car is no gimmick but very much state-of-the-art.
  • This supercharged XKR has got it all – the looks, the power, the lot. But just before you sample the sophisticated savagery of this XKR, cast your eyes around the cockpit. What a joy to sit in – in spite of the two token rear seats, it's really designed for two; it feels self-indulgently snug, a feeling enhanced by superb heated seats to keep you cosy in the winter as well as chilled ventilation to ensure you keep your cool during the inevitably hot and sticky New Zealand summertime.
  • The fascia is smart without being showy and nicely clutter-free; the touchscreen controls multiple functions – audio, climate, SatNav and other vehicle settings – and minimises switchgear overload.
  • The speedometer and rev-counter are simple, clear, chrome-ringed items separated by an easy to read driver's information display that tells the driver all the vital stuff such as gear and mode and the usual range, mpg, etc. 
  • The XKR isn't just fast in a straight line – no big deal as many of today's quicker cars can pull that trick off. However, where the XKR shows its true colours is on all the other sections that join up the straights. In two words, it's been 'properly sorted'. No driving toy, this Jag, just bona fide driving joy. 
  • Point and squirt – the XKR does exactly that. Nail the throttle and the big cat does a sexy little wiggle with its hips as it settles, grips, and then catapults forward with a deep-throated growl. And for everyday driving it can be left to its own devices in drive – but you can still dip in and out of sequential manual control at any time by using the shift paddles on the back of the steering wheel. A nice touch is the automatic throttle blip during downshift requests – good enough to fool bystanders into believing it's a deftly driven manual. So whatever your mood, the XKR has got it covered.
  • The heart of any GT is the steering. The XKR's grippy, leather-clad, three-spoke multifunction wheel feels sporty and nicely in touch with the chassis which, thanks to the effective but diplomatic electronic safety systems, is pretty hard to upset – unless you select your very own hooligan mode – and it's default state is 'planted' even when carving through bends.
  • The suspension is forgiving and despite running on 20-inch rims, the XKR rides fluently. Stopping is equally reassuring courtesy of massive vented discs front and rear and bright red 'R' callipers. 
  • A cliché but nonetheless true – people fortunate enough to own this car don't worry too much about fuel consumption. The XKR is circa 23mpg combined, 14.9 urban and 33mpg on the open road. Luggage space is also liveable – the Convertible's boot can manage circa 313 litres of luggage.
  • The supercharged XKR has got it all – the looks, the power, the lot! There's just one caveat: with such power on tap, it's devastatingly quick and you really do need to be disciplined enough to keep an eye on the speedo.
  • Servicing and maintenance records by Jaguar specialist garages available
  • Imported from the UK and first registered in NZ in Sept 2011.

A truly awesome piece of engineering. A beautiful car to own. Whoever buys this car would find it truly hard to replace.

Will be sold WOF'd and Registered.

Transport / shipping can be organised for Buyer at Buyer's cost.

This vehicle has been sold

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