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Sold 2006 Jaguar Super V8 (X350) Sovereign

2006 Jaguar Super V8 (X350) Sovereign




This Super V8 is a sporting long wheelbase sedan with attitude both inside and out.

Spectacularly defined by its muscular looks, powerful, modern character and unique interior and equipment features, the 2006 Super V8 stood at the top of the Jaguar product range and is a car with a real sense of occasion; one that demonstrates perfectly just how capable the XJ is right across the board.

This 2006 Jaguar Super V8 comes loaded with all the accoutrements one would want in an executive limo--standard--but this car's performance suggests giving the chauffeur the day off. Jaguar created the Super V8 by dropping the 400-horsepower supercharged V-8 found in the XJR into the long-wheelbase XJ chassis. The result is an executive stretch limo with one of the roomiest and most fully featured rear seats in the business, along with impressive driving performance.


  • We have owned this stunner for over three years now and thoroughly enjoyed it. She will be sorely missed but we hardly ever get to use it nowadays, so perhaps its time for someone else to enjoy it.
  • Only two owners in NZ and that includes us. Car was imported from Japan (Grade 4.5) in 2015 with 71380kms on the clock - now sits at 122918 kms.
  • During our time, we've kept it well maintained with anything required always done at Jaguar specialists in Christchurch.
  • Goes well / drives well - everything works as it should - no known issues whatsoever - Beautiful Example.
  • Immaculate interior - new hood lining installed circa 4 years ago, this Super V8 is a top spec LWB model and comes with all the gadgets you can imagine, including DVD screens in headrests, LCD touchscreen, Sat Nav (set for NZ), reclining rear heated seats etc.  The cabin is sporty and elegant, featuring Jaguar’s most luxurious amenities at the time. The seats, the dashboard, most of the door panels, center console and steering wheel are covered in soft leather, while the floor has wool carpet mats. The dash, center console, door panels, and fold-down picnic trays in the front-seat backs featured authentic wood inserts. Leather just professionally cleaned and treated and is immaculate.
  • As with all XJ models, the 2006 Jaguar Super V8's most impressive technology is in its chassis. In construction, it is as close as possible to having a true monocoque structure, with large areas of the skin used as stressed chassis members. That, and extensive use of lightweight aluminum and magnesium alloys in its construction, makes for a svelte automobile. Its 4,000-pound curb weight is remarkably light for a car of its size and up to 500 pounds less than some competitors. The Super V8 is only 58 pounds heavier than its shorter wheelbase XJ brethren.
  • The fully independent double-wishbone suspension uses aluminum for its control arms, reducing unsprung weight and improving ride and handling.
  • A touring-oriented tuning with self-leveling air springs and enhanced Computer Active Technology continuously variable shock damping ensures a pleasant ride quality and better handling than expected from a large luxury sedan. Like the shocks, the air springs are computer controlled, and they increase stiffness with load.
  • Around town, the ride is soft and very well damped, as expected from a luxury automobile. But wick up the speed a bit, and the 2006 Jaguar Super V8 becomes a toned athlete. On the highway, ride comfort is still paramount, but firmer spring and shock settings improve both responsiveness and driver control. The speed-sensitive, variable-ratio power rack-and-pinion steering is light at low speeds for easy maneuverability but becomes appropriately firmer at higher speeds or in more aggressive driving.
  • The 2006 Jaguar Super V8 takes care of active safety requirements well with its first-rate handling response; its strong antilock braking system with brake assist; and its unintrusive stability-control system.  Traction control enhances both stability under acceleration and rear-tire life. On the passive-safety front, the adaptive-restraint technology uses ultrasonic sensors to calculate front-passenger position and other sensors to determine driver position and closeness to the steering wheel, as well as seat-belt use. It also monitors the front seat-mounted side air bags. Side curtain air bags give head protection to both front and rear occupants.

The Jaguar XJ remains one of the best luxury cars you can buy. It also appears to be one of the best values, at least in terms of price paid for the luxury it exudes.

All of the 2006 XJ models benefit from a number of upgrades, including more powerful engines, a new braking system, laminated glass for improved noise isolation, a driver-selectable automatic speed limiter, and a new tire pressure monitoring system. The chrome mesh grilles from the R models are now seen on all models for 2006, while new smoked-lens side markers and the removal of body-side and front/rear window moldings give all models a fresh appearance.

We liked the new XJ series, since when it was released and with the Super V8 you simply get more - that's more extra thick lambs wool floor mats, more wood, more tray tables, more access to audio components, more leg room, more climate control zones, more sun shades; and yes, more horsepower and more braking power. You get the point, from comfort details to engine power, the SuperV8 gives you more.

As for the ride, it is impeccable whether you are the one in the driver's seat or relaxing as someone else takes the wheel. In fact, the luxury of being a passenger in this vehicle might be one its makers had in mind when they designed it.

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