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Sold Hobart 1914

Hobart 1914



Hobart were motorcycles produced from 1901 to 1904 by Hobart Bird and Co of Coventry, who were also suppliers to many other firms.For those interested in the bike's history, here is a timeline for this brand:

  • 1892 Advert. 'Hobart' cycles.
  • 1901 The company started out by producing a primitive with an inclined engine.
  • 1903 They added a model with a vertical engine in a loop frame fitted with braced forks.
  • 1904-1905 This range continued, with little change.
  • 1906-1909 The firm was just a supplier.
  • 1910 The company returned to complete machine and produced the new Hobart. This had a 2.5hp engine inclined in the frame over the down tube, gear-driven Bosch magneto, an adjustable pulley for the belt drive and Druid forks.
  • 1911 A 3.5hp twin and a ladies' model were produced. This had a revised open frame and the engine mounted lower with the cylinder horizontal, and all the works fully enclosed.
  • 1912 Listed in Spennell's directory of Coventry as Cycle Manufacturers.
  • 1913 By now they were using JAP engines as well as their own.
  • 1914 A 225cc two-stroke version was added that year.
  • 1915 That engine changed to a 269cc Villiers, along with a 6hp V-twin with a JAP engine and three speeds.
  • Post-War the two-stroke, including a spring-frame model, was listed.
  • 1920 That year they also listed a 292cc JAP four-stroke.
  • 1921 More versions of both were listed, including the spring frame for both sizes.
  • 1922 There were new machines with 348cc Blackburne and 346cc JAP engines. Both of these were listed in solo and sidecar forms.
  • 1922 McKenzie Hobart 70 motorcycle exhibit.
  • 1923 The 269cc Villiers was replaced by a 170cc Hobart two-stroke engine driving a two-speed gearbox, and the 292cc JAP by a 249cc sv Blackburne. All the four-strokes had a good range of transmission options, with two or three speeds and final drive by belt or chain.
  • 1924 The range was cut to the 170cc two-stroke and 346cc JAP, plus the 292cc JAP. It was the last year of listing. Although they were no longer listed, Hobart engines continued to be supplied to other firms for several years.

Following World War One, Mr G. McKenzie marketed an "ultralight motor cycle" as the type was then known. McKenzie planned to sell his bikes through franchised cycle shops, and bring cheap motorised transport to the masses.

The bike itself was made by the Hobart Cycle Co Ltd of Coventry. The early model had an open, lady's frame and looked very much like a 1940s autocycle with solid rear end and spring front forks. The engine is also of Hobart make. Bore and stroke, unusually for that time, are both 60mm, giving a capacity of 170cc.

Hobart is said to have 38 years of experience of making cycles. What exactly became of the alliance of Mr McKenzie and the Hobart Cycle Co we do not know, but we are told that it is possible that Hobart ceased trading at about this time.

This bike is in very good working order and in very good condition throughout. Good compression, drives well and everything on it seems to work as it should. This bike was brought into New Zealand by its late previous owner, quite a few years ago and was never registered in New Zealand. We can assist with registration if this is required.



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