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Sold 1967 Daimler 2.5 V8

1967 Daimler 2.5 V8




The Daimler V8 was the result of a lengthy plan to give Daimler a presence in the executive car sector as well as the luxury sector.

The first attempt to bridge this gap was a joint venture with Vauxhall, which would have led to a restyled PA Cresta with a Daimler V8 and trim. The Jaguar buyout of 1960 put paid to this, and in 1962 the 2.5 V8 saloon was created.

The Turner engine gives the whole car a very different, more louche feel than the sporting Jaguars, and as such appealed to different customers when new and on the classic market.

Daimler’s small 2.5 V8, was designed by Edward Turner of Triumph motorbike fame. Inspired in part by the contemporary Cadillac V8, he incorporated many of the design features seen in his motorbike engines; including hemispherical combustion chambers and push rods, with an overhead valve layout. Developing 140bhp, this engine was also used in the Daimler SP250 sports car – and is the reason the Daimler is seen as a separate entity to the Jaguars.


  • Chassis #: 1A 12435
  • Engine #: 12435BW
  • All matching numbers - Heritage Certificate Available.
  • NZ NEW - Looks like its been a Christchurch car for most of its life.
  • Low Ownership - Only four (4) long term owners from new, amongst traders.
  • Mileage genuine at 50196 Miles
  • This car was stored for the last 25 years and has just recently been restored by us. When we got it, the car had straight panels and a clean rust free body, but paint was tired. As you can see from photos posted here, it was mostly stripped down and professionally repainted. (Receipts Available)
  • Chrome is in very good condition.
  • Tires are brand new - just fitted.
  • Brand new battery - just fitted.
  • Upholstery and door cards are factory original and in excellent condition.
  • Brand new carpets, hood lining, sun visors, wind lace and rear shelf.
  • Wood in good order.
  • Windscreen and door rubbers in good condition.
  • Comes complete with factory tool box and factory spare wheel - yes you heard that right!
  • Still on Original black plates.
  • Mechanically sound and motor has just been reconditioned by Messrs John Finlay Motors in Christchurch - work carried out, as follows - Drain all fluids. Unbolt and remove radiator, exhaust, wiring and carburetors. Unbolt and remove engine. Strip and inspect engine. Strip pistons from rods. Clean pistons. Machine ring grooves. Assemble & align pistons on rods. Tank clean block 8 cylinder. Hone block 8 cylinder cyl. Linish 13 crankshaft journals. Final wash block 8 cylinder. Remove c/bungs, clean & refit. Remove 16 valves from cylinder head. Tank & decarb 2X4 cylinder heads. Face 16 valve seats. Face 16 valves. Surface mill 2X4 cylinder head. Clean & assemble 16 valve cylinder head. Fit frost plugs. Obtain engine. Clean up parts and paint as required. Assemble engine block. Refit exhaust manifolds to cylinder heads. Refit cylinder heads, rocker gear, etc. Set tappets. Refit inlet manifold, water pump, radiator, etc. Refit motor and exhaust carburetors and linkages, radiator fan and cowling. Fill with fluids and get oil pressure up. Start and run, check and adjust carburetors and timing. Fit 2 new sway bar D bushes. - Engine work cost just under $9K (Receipts available)
  • Other mechanical work by John Finlay Motors include new Fuel Pump, New Viscous fan, New water Pump, New Bushes pretty much everywhere needed, Brake repairs, Re core radiator, new Vacuum hoses, pulled fuel tank out repaired and cleaned, All perishables replaced, New Regulator and Generator, New Plugs, leads, Coil, Replaced carburetor diaphragms, tuned carburetors and whatever was need to recommission Vehicle - ($7326.00 worth of parts and labour).
  • Car runs and drives great - in fact one of the nicest sounding Daimler V8's we've ever driven.
  • This is a beautiful car in STUNNING condition - presented in the best color combination.
  • Sounds like a V8 should :)

Whilst prices for good Jags spiral ever higher, one can burble along in a Daimler V8 feeling just as pleased about life, but at a fraction of the cost.

The trim level is higher than the MK2, too – when the 240 and 340 received Ambla trim, the Daimler V8-250 was never subjected to such indignities. They might not be as sporting – but let’s be honest, few MK2s are ever really driven in anger any more.

A seriously beautiful Classic, that is ready to be enjoyed.

PRICE FIRM - Will be sold WOF'd and Registered, if sold in New Zealand.



This vehicle has been sold

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