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Sold Austin Mini Cooper MK1 1967

Austin Mini Cooper MK1 1967



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"I recently purchased a vehicle from Jesmond and found the whole process to be a great experience. I found Jesmond to be a very obliging and forthright person to deal with and felt quite quickly, that he is a man of integrity. He was very accommodating and allowed me all the time I required in making my purchase, never at any time did I feel pressured or unduly influenced in any way. Having said that he did take the time to find out what my needs and wants were regarding my vehicle purchase and was able to steer me on the right path with his vast knowledge of European cars until I was able to decide clearly what it was that I wanted. Once I had made my choice of vehicle he supplied me with all of the relevant history on it (where it originated from, work history etc) and familiarised me with the vehicle covering its performance and general running and how to get the best out of it. He encouraged me to get a check on the car prior to purchase and informed me of the best agents and automotive engineers that were locally available. His obvious love and passion for his vehicles and European vehicles in general came across strongly and only enhanced my faith in him and the car I was considering to purchase. When the sale was made and upon uplifting the vehicle I was delighted to find a full tank and a bottle of wine included. A nice touch. In short I found Jesmond a very professional and amiable person to deal with and would have no hesitation doing further business with him and would recommend him to anyone that could benefit from what he has to offer."
David Dowell, North Canterbury, New Zealand



      Some say you should never meet your heroes, especially when it comes to classic cars.

      The Mini's road-holding and lively handling¦few could have predicted the sensation set off by a tiny, quirky, front-wheel-drive hatchback with an engine mounted sideways and a suspension that literally relied on big, cone-shape pieces of rubber.

      Even designer Alec Issignosis was blown away by the Mini's popularity. Committed to the notion of the Mini as an everyman's car, Issigonis initially resisted the idea of tuning the car for racing but eventually yielded after seeing a prototype from race-car builder John Cooper. (Cooper's Formula 1 cars had won the constructors' championship in 1959 and 1960.) Cooper S production began in 1963.


      • Years Produced 1967-1971
      • Number Sold 6,329
      • This car is Chassis #: C-A2S7/933840 and despite the badging, it is NOT a stock Cooper S.
      • Motor – Car would have come out with a 998cc Austin Cooper motor. Engine on car is a 12755cc bored out to 1330cc. A Plus Block / Flat Top Pistons / Cooper S Crankshaft and Conrods / MK1 Cooper S Head / Double Valve Springs / Twin Fuel Tanks  Standard Rockers / Dellorto 45mm carb / Pipercross Filters / 300 degree Lynn Rogers Camshaft / 6 point rollcage welded + bolted and much more to mention here. More information on motor available.
      • Clutch – Paddle Clutch – Gray Diaphram
      • Gearbox – A Series remote gearbox with four synchro, straight cut, close ratio quick shift and reverse lockout.
      • Quaife Limited Slip Disff 3.75/1 final drive
      • Sump guard
      • Exhaust – LCB free flow maniflow
      • Adjustable Koni shocks
      • Fully adjustable suspension / ride height / camber / castor. Rose jointed bottom arms x rayed for certification.
      • Brakes – Cooper S 7.5” calipers / slotted disks / braded hoses / booster etc
      • A stock Cooper S's estimated value today would be around NZD45K but despite the Cooper S's motorsports reputation, which famously included wins in the Rallye Monte Carlo in 1964, 1965, and 1967, few unmolested examples remain.
      • This car is in very good overall condition – good body / paint etc.
      • This car comes with a competition log book,some racing history and a list of modifications available, including engine, gearbox etc – all this can be made available on request (too much information to mention here).
      • Motorsport Certificate of Description issued 08/09/2000 Number COD1326.
      • A real fun car to drive.

      For all of its performance and personality, this car still seems humble. It's an honest instrument of functional practicality. Like most things people can't help but love, the Mini Cooper S's source of coolness is that it never tries too hard.

      BMC really did reinvent the people's car when it introduced the Mini in August 1959, and BMC and Alec Issigonis won the Dewar Trophy for this space- and fuel-efficient design as a result. The Mini became the template for future economy cars.


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