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Sold Aston Martin DB9 V12 2005

Aston Martin DB9 V12 2005



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"Jesmond and Gloria I happened to read some of the testimonials posted on your website and after our recent dealings feel compelled to add my two cents worth despite the fact I never usually give written testimonials other than in my work environment .Firstly I have to say that everything I have read pretty much sums up your combined service and approach to selling and buying of the classic cars you represent .Secondly having brought two cars , one sight unseen, and sold two cars in the last 12 months I can only reiterate the comments of others regarding your honesty and integrity and good communication. As for Gloria's attention to getting the logistics arranged smoothly and other follow up given the unfortunate delivery issue with one of the cars I bought, I cannot say enough and appreciate the efforts .It truly is a pleasure working with you on my NZ fleet of vehicles. Having also had the chance to meet you and spend a few hours looking at and talking classic cars during my last visit to NZ it is a pleasure to see someone else with the same passion and knowledge of classic cars .I see that your business is not just a business but is a passion to do the right thing by the people you are working with, be they buyers or sellers and also to do the right thing by the cars you sell .Given we are now working on another sell and buy opportunity I am sure we will continue to have more dealings in the future as my little fleet takes further shape Best Regards"
Don Learmonth, Asheville, NC USA



      One of the things we have in common with James Bond is the passion for this luxurious brand. 

      Celebrating 100 years of Power, Beauty & Soul, sitting behind the wheel of this DB9 almost instantly elevates you to the next level of sophistication.

      So what is it that makes this great sports car?¦To start with, most sports cars are a series of compromise with the result being usually rational – even impressive – on paper but often blend and soulless in reality. This DB9 is all about driver involvement. It looks great, sounds great and have the power and performance to stir the soul.

      Its got power and aerodynamic efficiency. Power encumbered by weight. Straight line performance without agility. Great sports cars balance these apparent opposites creating an experience that is both unique and unforgettable. What the driver sees, hears and feels is in total harmony. The reward is total involvement, a level of engagement that totally stimulates the senses; that reignites the passion for driving.

      This DB9 meets all of these challenges. Undeniably beautiful yet efficient. Power in proportion to weight. Harmony of sound and performance and dynamic ability inherent through good design. The DB9 is also luxurious. On those days when top speed and maximum acceleration are not necessary, indulge yourself.


      • ONE OWNER In New Zealand
      • IMMACULATE Condition Throughout
      • ABSOLUTELY STUNNING CAR in every respect
      • The Colour of this car looks mean and moody in black but when in the sunlight, it becomes a kaleidoscope of stunning metallic colours with burgundy and gold bursting through.
      • FULL SERVICE HISTORY Available, as follows:
      • 1st Year Service in April 2006 @ 3773 km
      • 2nd Year Service in December 2007 @ 7568 km
      • 3rd Year Service & Warranty extension in February 2008 @ 7651kms
      • 4th Year service in March 2009 @ 8548 km with vehicle battery replacement and Upholstery of Roof lining
      • 5th Year Service in October 2010 @ 12079 km with replacement of coils & plugs
      • Replacement of front & rear brake pads in July 2011 @ 18460 km
      • 6th Year Service in February 2012 @ 27502 km with replacement of front & rear brakes
      • Replacement of AC pipe in April 2012 @ 31054 km
      • Inspection check in February 2013 @ 34119 km
      • 7th Year service in February 2013 @ 35071 km
      • Replacement of oil cooler and piping kit in November 2013@ 41777km
      • New Brake rotors and pads all round in Dec2014, as part of NZ Compliance
      • Last Serviced by Clinch Automotive in Christchurch at 47500kms on the 6th of January 2015

      So go on, be uplifted by the magnificent styling of the DB9; reveal in a sumptuous fully equipped cabin trimmed in the finest quality materials; enjoy the superb audio system; select drive and let the DB9's six liter V12 and shift by wire fully automated transmission do the rest.

      Will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.


      Viewing is STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT Only.

      This vehicle has been sold

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      DISCLAIMER (Please Read)


      Waimak Classic Cars accepts that the vehicle being sold must be of “acceptable quality” in terms of section 7 of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (the Act) having regard to “the nature of the goods”.

      Waimak Classic Cars is not aware of any specific defects with the vehicle, however (a) such a vehicle being a classic vehicle may have mechanical breakdowns, electrical failures at inconvenient times and maintenance costs being part of and parcel of ownership of a classic car; (b) reliability is a combination of the particular nature of the classic vehicle, how it is being driven, how it has been maintained, and to a certain extent luck.

      The Purchaser acknowledges that the vehicle is being sold as a classic car; that in terms of the Act and the nature of the goods, the vehicle, is an old car that may have faults, unlike a modern motor vehicle.

      The Purchaser is encouraged to personally fully inspect the vehicle and/or to have the vehicle inspected, fully assessed and maintained by an experienced classic car mechanic.

      The Purchaser acknowledges that they have read and fully understand this notification and the nature of a car which is many years old.

      For more information about this vehicle, please contact us Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 6:00pm (New Zealand Standard Time) on +64 (0) 3 310-6485 / +64 (0) 274 990-020. Alternatively, you may email us at info@waimakclassiccars.co.nz anytime.

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