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Sold 1999 Jaguar XKR (Supercharged)

1999 Jaguar XKR (Supercharged)



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"I recently purchased a vehicle from Jesmond and found the whole process to be a great experience. I found Jesmond to be a very obliging and forthright person to deal with and felt quite quickly, that he is a man of integrity. He was very accommodating and allowed me all the time I required in making my purchase, never at any time did I feel pressured or unduly influenced in any way. Having said that he did take the time to find out what my needs and wants were regarding my vehicle purchase and was able to steer me on the right path with his vast knowledge of European cars until I was able to decide clearly what it was that I wanted. Once I had made my choice of vehicle he supplied me with all of the relevant history on it (where it originated from, work history etc) and familiarised me with the vehicle covering its performance and general running and how to get the best out of it. He encouraged me to get a check on the car prior to purchase and informed me of the best agents and automotive engineers that were locally available. His obvious love and passion for his vehicles and European vehicles in general came across strongly and only enhanced my faith in him and the car I was considering to purchase. When the sale was made and upon uplifting the vehicle I was delighted to find a full tank and a bottle of wine included. A nice touch. In short I found Jesmond a very professional and amiable person to deal with and would have no hesitation doing further business with him and would recommend him to anyone that could benefit from what he has to offer."
David Dowell, North Canterbury, New Zealand



      This sensational supercharged V8-powered Jaguar XKR is a fast and fun car to drive thanks to its charismatic supercharged V8 and sporty handling. Yet it is civilised too with a comfortable ride and sumptuous interior.

      It's difficult to describe just how fast the Jaguar XKR is – suffice to say it does 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds, 155mph all-out.

      Super fun and very fast...luxury with power and styling. Makes you feel young and adventurous :)


      • 4.0ltr V8 Supercharged
      • VERY TIDY condition.
      • Handling is excellent and the ride in this car reflects its Jaguar pedigree with plenty of grip and ultra-responsive steering.
      • This is a seriously beautiful car – it would be hard to find a better example of this model.
      • This Jaguar is a sure fired future classic and this well cared for XKR makes perfect sense for anyone seeking a fast, well-mannered sports car with an outstanding pedigree. Its not only great to look at but also outstanding value at the moment.
      • New Tires / New Brakes
      • Alloy wheels in perfect condition - no kerbing
      • Supercharger only recently rebuilt
      • New rack / all new coolant hoses
      • Some service history available.
      • Tensioners and water pump replaced
      • Previously registered in Japan - first registered in NZ in January 2015.
      • Two owners in NZ
      • With a hatchback boot and 330-litres of space, the Jaguar XKR has quite a lot of room for luggage – you will certainly be able to get two sets of golf clubs in there, for example.
      • NOTE: Stripes are new, so can be easily removed by us for you without any paint damage or discoloration but don't be jarred by these stripes, as they really suit the car.

      There are few cars that can come close to this machine - maybe the Turbo Porsche 9-11 but they are so noisy you cannot even turn the radio on when driving 70 mph. The XKR is even quiet at 100 mph.  This car offers sleek exterior design, quite interior, and high performance when it is asked for. In our opinion, Jaguar offers the most beautiful interiors of any automaker in the world.

      Fine examples of these beautifully-crafted cars are set to mature into desirable classics very quickly, so if you’ve got the cash and the space – it’s better than leaving money in the bank!

      Will be sold WOF’d and Registered.


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      This vehicle has been sold

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      Waimak Classic Cars accepts that the vehicle being sold must be of “acceptable quality” in terms of section 7 of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (the Act) having regard to “the nature of the goods”.

      Waimak Classic Cars is not aware of any specific defects with the vehicle, however (a) such a vehicle being a classic vehicle may have mechanical breakdowns, electrical failures at inconvenient times and maintenance costs being part of and parcel of ownership of a classic car; (b) reliability is a combination of the particular nature of the classic vehicle, how it is being driven, how it has been maintained, and to a certain extent luck.

      The Purchaser acknowledges that the vehicle is being sold as a classic car; that in terms of the Act and the nature of the goods, the vehicle, is an old car that may have faults, unlike a modern motor vehicle.

      The Purchaser is encouraged to personally fully inspect the vehicle and/or to have the vehicle inspected, fully assessed and maintained by an experienced classic car mechanic.

      The Purchaser acknowledges that they have read and fully understand this notification and the nature of a car which is many years old.

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