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Sold 1985 ALFA ROMEO GTV-6




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"Jesmond and Gloria I happened to read some of the testimonials posted on your website and after our recent dealings feel compelled to add my two cents worth despite the fact I never usually give written testimonials other than in my work environment .Firstly I have to say that everything I have read pretty much sums up your combined service and approach to selling and buying of the classic cars you represent .Secondly having brought two cars , one sight unseen, and sold two cars in the last 12 months I can only reiterate the comments of others regarding your honesty and integrity and good communication. As for Gloria's attention to getting the logistics arranged smoothly and other follow up given the unfortunate delivery issue with one of the cars I bought, I cannot say enough and appreciate the efforts .It truly is a pleasure working with you on my NZ fleet of vehicles. Having also had the chance to meet you and spend a few hours looking at and talking classic cars during my last visit to NZ it is a pleasure to see someone else with the same passion and knowledge of classic cars .I see that your business is not just a business but is a passion to do the right thing by the people you are working with, be they buyers or sellers and also to do the right thing by the cars you sell .Given we are now working on another sell and buy opportunity I am sure we will continue to have more dealings in the future as my little fleet takes further shape Best Regards"
Don Learmonth, Asheville, NC USA




      Alfa Romeo's last truly innovative car, the Alfetta GTV 6, oozed luxury and motor sport pedigree.

      It ticked all the boxes; A classic rear wheel drive experience, something I could occasionally use on the track but comfortable enough for daily use.

      The GTV 6 is one of my favourite cars. Styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The same designer responsible for the previous Alfa 105 GTV albeit under the studio name Bertone.

      Alfa Romeo is renowned for pioneering the highest performance cars embodied in the most beautiful bodies and the Alfetta was no different, injected with Formula 1 tech. Torsion bar front suspension, de Dion rear suspension, twin plate clutch, rear mounted gear box, inboard rear brakes, and the Busso designed 2.5L V6 engine. No other car in the segment rivaled this much innovation. It had Porsche 944's whimpering in the corner.


      • Driving it - The engine barks with each downshift, ricocheting off nearby surfaces. The brake pedal sinks into the footwell, pinching the front left momentarily into the corner. Weight galloping onto the front axle, the car gently begins to rotate. Modulating the throttle around the bend the steering becomes feather light and delicate. Slung low to the ground like a kitten pouncing on a piece of string, the car scours all over the surface for traction. It's the classic rear wheel drive experience coupled with an Italian aura of passion. The more the car is driven the better it behaves with zero reliability concerns.
      • Spare keys, spare wheel, jack all come with car.
      • Service history available. Cambelts and water pump done July 2020 at 87305kms.
      • Clean, straight rust free body with good original paint.
      • Healthy Motor - starts first pop, runs and drives well.
      • Good tires, battery etc.
      • Very tidy usable example - weekend car or daily driver you choose.

      These are great cars that will only go up in value. Our advise is to buy the best condition car you can find and this one is pretty well sorted.  Lots of fun and that engine note just sounds awesome - hard to beat actually.

      This vehicle has been sold

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