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Sold 1970 Jaguar E Type Series 2

1970 Jaguar E Type Series 2




While purists may hanker for a Series I original, the Series II incorporated a number of significant improvements that resulted in a more mature and reliable car.

Because America represented a huge market for the E-type, several of the changes were in line with US legislation relating to emissions and safety. For example, the new fully reclining seats allowed for head restraints to be fitted, while rocker switches replaced the earlier toggle type, and a collapsible steering wheel was introduced. However, the most visible change was the loss of the distinctive glass headlight covers.

Engine cooling was improved with a larger air intake, plus a pair of electric cooling fans and a larger radiator. Braking was improved while air conditioning (left hand drive cars only) and power steering were optional extras, with an automatic gearbox being a factory fitted option for 2+2 owners.

For those who want a sorted E-type the Series II has got a lot going for it. A good example will certainly not be cheap, but you will not just be investing in one of the most desirable classic cars but also ensuring a lot of driving pleasure.


  • This example was initially sourced from New York, where it was sold new. It was imported to New Zealand in 1997 and was last registered in 1988, then stored for 30 years with one owner. It then passed through two more owners where it was converted to right-hand drive with a genuine E-Type RHD rack and glove compartment.
  • At that time, we understand it had 53,454 miles on the clock, and the engine, transmission, brake lines, brake master cylinder and interior were all unrestored.
  • Beachams did a comprehensive bare metal restoration on this car - a three-year restoration to be exact commencing in 2018. For those who are not aware, Beachams are a well known Jaguar outfit in New Zealand. They have restored and retrofitted various Jaguars over the years, adding all the comforts of a more contemporary drive.
  • The body on this car was panel beaten, treated for rust, with bare metal respray in ‘Opalescent Maroon’.
  • It has been fitted with chrome wire wheels - tires are very good.
  • Comes with a complete interior refit with new black leather hides, carpets, and a dash overhaul, and re-chroming of the bright work metalwork.
  • Under the bonnet, a complete overhaul and restoration of the engine, carburettors and automatic transmission, new fuel hoses, new switches, alternator, new suspension, wiring loom, and the addition of vented front discs, with modern alloy callipers - all this took place at Beachams.
  • Beachams also retrofitted the car to ensure it’s a pleasure to drive on modern roads, with contemporary comforts such as; electric power steering and a new steering wheel, air conditioning, heated seats, reversing camera, Alpine iLX-702D Bluetooth stereo system, and central locking. Additionally, it is fully certified.
  • Comes with original import paperwork and displaying under 1,500 miles on the clock since restoration.

So there you have it - second series doesn’t necessarily mean second best.

Jaguar entered the swinging sixties with the ultimate object of automotive desire – the E-Type. Its aerodynamic shape, high performance engine, nimble handling and luxurious interior have made it a favourite among car enthusiasts and collectors for decades. It has become an icon of the era.

Since the E-type made its sensational debut in 1961, some devotees were wary of subsequent developments but change it did. The XK6 4.2-litre engine pre-dated the arrival of the Series II, appearing in the two-seater Sports and coupes from 1964, and then the elongated 2+2s from 1966. The 4.2 is a smooth and powerful engine that offers refinements over the previous 3.8 including better low-end torque and mid-range pickup.

The Series II was announced at the Earl’s Court motor show in 1968 continuing the range of three different models at the same price but offered a revised look with some notable new features and options.

For many Jag fans, it is the one to have while for others it is the one they can afford.

I guess each to his / her own. All we know for certain is that as Series I prices continue to soar, so demand for Series II will rise – they’re not going to get any cheaper, so now’s the time to see what’s available and this is a nice one.

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