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Sold 1964 Honda S600

1964 Honda S600



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"I recently purchased a vehicle from Jesmond and found the whole process to be a great experience. I found Jesmond to be a very obliging and forthright person to deal with and felt quite quickly, that he is a man of integrity. He was very accommodating and allowed me all the time I required in making my purchase, never at any time did I feel pressured or unduly influenced in any way. Having said that he did take the time to find out what my needs and wants were regarding my vehicle purchase and was able to steer me on the right path with his vast knowledge of European cars until I was able to decide clearly what it was that I wanted. Once I had made my choice of vehicle he supplied me with all of the relevant history on it (where it originated from, work history etc) and familiarised me with the vehicle covering its performance and general running and how to get the best out of it. He encouraged me to get a check on the car prior to purchase and informed me of the best agents and automotive engineers that were locally available. His obvious love and passion for his vehicles and European vehicles in general came across strongly and only enhanced my faith in him and the car I was considering to purchase. When the sale was made and upon uplifting the vehicle I was delighted to find a full tank and a bottle of wine included. A nice touch. In short I found Jesmond a very professional and amiable person to deal with and would have no hesitation doing further business with him and would recommend him to anyone that could benefit from what he has to offer."
David Dowell, North Canterbury, New Zealand




      The S600 is that man’s soul encapsulated inside a roadster the size of a go-kart...In fact, it drives like its where all the fun comes from!

      This S600 is incredibly ahead of its time and is the ancestor to all the modern Honda cars and motorcycles we know and love today, and one of the company’s earliest production cars. It was actually Honda’s third automobile and came after a tiny little truck called the T360. Then came the very first S360 roadster, followed by the S500, and then this, the S600, which ran from 1964 all the way to 1966.

      This car gets credit for being the first Honda car to have been mass-produced, and sold to other markets than Japan. Since Honda was better known for building motorcycles at the time, it used technology it already mastered to put together a sports car. This made the S600 all kinds of weird and unique. For instance, its engine, essentially a motorcycle four-stroke unit revamped for automotive duty, stood at 606 cubic centimeters of displacement but it had dual overhead cams, needle roller bearings, four Keihin carburetors, and was ultra lightweight due to an aluminum construction. It also had an independent rear suspension, complete with an unusual chain drive, quite similar actually to what’s used on a motorcycle.

      Rear-wheel drive was the only way to go for the S600, with power claimed at a whopping 58 horsepower. Putting the power down through a four-speed manual gearbox, this thing could rip to 60 mph from a standstill in roughly 11.5 seconds. What’s more, just like the modern VTEC Hondas, the S600 could rev to a whopping 9,000 RPM redline. Not many street cars at the time could brag about that.


      • The Highest Revving Sports Car!
      • These Honda four cylinder engines are legendary for their durability, power, noise and revs. One should in fact note that Honda's first ever car was even more impressive than Lamborghini's was.
      • A very nice example of this model - straight body clean and from any rust as you can see from photos.
      • Paint is very good and shiny.
      • Very Good upholstery, original interior, nice chrome, like new soft top - beautiful car overall.
      • Mechanically sound and what a great wee motor - drives beautifully.
      • This car has two owners on record and is a wee gem.
      • We are currently going through compliance process and price here advertised includes compliance IF sold in New Zealand.

      These things aren’t cheap, dinky little roadsters but considered the pioneering car that made Honda what it is today.

      Before the S600, the big H was the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles, but the jump to cars was no guaranteed success. It was through determination and the ability to build innovative, well put together and fun-to-drive sports cars like this dorky-looking S600 that Honda was able to grow into the profit-making juggernaut it is today.

      It is extremely rare too, plus there’s enough boot space to carry a few bags. The engine is also incredibly fuel efficient due to its small displacement and the car’s light weight. So it is daily-driveable in some way or form. In fact, you don’t get more connected to the road than driving an S600, and the best part of it all is that you’re never going all that fast, so the danger levels are low.

      Because this car has so much historical significance, and because it was Honda’s introductory car, these things retain a significant amount of value. Luckily though, their current prices are still relatively affordable if you’re interested in saving one. They’re also bound to appreciate over time given how important they’ve been for the entire Honda brand.

      According to Hagerty, a well-kept, concourse condition Honda S600 could run up to US70K but truth be said, we know of plenty other sales where they’ve gone for much more than all that.

      Will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.



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