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Sold 1955 MG TF 1500

1955 MG TF 1500




The TF was the day-before-yesterday’s sports car.

As for the TF 1500, with the windscreen folded flat, wearing your driving gloves and embarked on a twisty road, you can drive yourself back into a simpler world where the maximum is 80 miles per hour and 50-55 is a thrill.

Only 9604 TFs were produced compared with 29,664 TDs, 10,000 TCs, 379 TBs and 3003 TAs.

The beauty of this tiny gem of a car is its simplicity and integrity. Like every other T Series MG and even the MGA and MGB it has more dynamic ability than performance.


  • Chassis #: TF8455
  • Original Engine #: XPEG/2175
  • Build Date: 20 Dec 1954
  • Model #: HDC46/8455 US Export model
  • HISTORY FROM NEW - Sold new in New York and was there from 1955 till 1982. Transferred to second US owner (21000 miles to 29000 miles from 1982 till 2014). Imported and transferred to third (NZ) owner in 2014, who purchased from The Stable, New Jersey). We purchased this car from first NZ owner last year. In the early 80's, a graduate and board member of Trinity Pawning School (US) donated the 30+ year old MG, which he had purchased new, to the school for an auction. Mileage at that time was just under 21K miles. Another board member purchased the car and traded it in with the Stable on a vintage Bentley. It was then sold to another enthusiast, who owned it ever since, driving it fewer than 9000 miles. The car fitted with an original 'knock off' wire wheels, has stayed completely original during its 57 years in its dark red paint and saddle leather. Car is recorded to have been rust free then and that it drove beautifully with more than USD6K spent on it mechanically in 2010 to put the car in top operating condition.
  • RESTORATION - MECHANICAL: Car completely dismantled in 2015. Chassis was clean, straight and rust free. It was converted to RHD by Justin Neill engineer in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury, New Zealand. Chassis etc was primed and sprayed with gloss black enamel paint. Engine was cleaned, head removed and new exhaust valve seats fitted (lead free petrol). Oil pump dismantled and cleaned. Block was painted in original dark red and engine was reassembled. Gearbox, drive shaft, universal joints and rear axle were all pulled out and checked and refitted to chassis and a new clutch plate and graphite release ring was fitted. New RHD steering rack was fitted. All new rubber blocks were fitted. Shocks were dismantled, cleaned and refilled with new fluids. Steering swivel arms and suspension fitted with new rubbers. radiator cleaned out and refitted with new hoses. generator and motor checked. New brake Master Cylinder and wheel slave cylinder fitted. new brake piping throughout and new flexible hoses fitted. New brake linings. new stainless steel Trophy exhaust was fitted. Rear axle suspension was fitted with new rubbers and spring hangers. new Wiring loom was fitted. carburetors dismantled and new seals and washers fitted and re adjusted with original needles.
  • RESTORATION - BODY : all panels removed, taken apart, checked and old paint removed to bare steel. There was a slight amount of panel beating to RF guard. All other panels wee in excellent condition. Etch primed, undercoated and 7-8 coats of Dulon acrylic lacquer (MG red as per original colour) mixed by Spraystore Christchurch (exact match) were applied. Cut and polished. Wire wheels sand blasted and powder coated in original silver grey colour. New Tyres (Hankook 165 *15 Radials) were fitted then. All chrome parts redone except grille surround and windscreen frame - these were left original. Body and panels refitted to chassis, doors adjusted to close well. All wiring completed and all instruments checked. Indicator switch cleaned out and adjusted. new RHD headlights were fitted.
  • RESTORATION - INTERIOR: New Moss motors interior panels fitted and seats were recovered in leather as per original red colour. Added lap seat belts as these were a legal requirement. New carpet was fitted as per original style. New side curtain fabric on restored metal frames and new Moss hood in original tan stay-fast fabric were all professionally fitted.
  • Car was first registered in NZ in 2015. It passed all VINZ tests and LV RHD conversion tests.
  • Comes complete with  spare wheel, jack, tools etc and original owners manual
  • Immaculate Condition in pretty much perfect working order. This car goes very well with good acceleration including up hills and pulls strongly in all gears. The handling is impressive and the car is a pleasure to drive. All instruments work correctly. maintains good oil pressure and good water temperature.
  • Well maintained and serviced - some restoration photos and various records available

The TF represented the end of the fabulous "T-Series"cars from MG and the more powerful 1500cc was built as the last of the TF's.

A rare and appreciating sports car with documented low ownership and very low mileage (32949 miles from new) in pretty much near new condition.

Car will be sold WOF'd and Registered.



This vehicle has been sold

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