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Sold 1948 Chevrolet Thriftmaster

1948 Chevrolet Thriftmaster




The 1948 Chevrolet Pick Up trucks are very popular designs.

In 1948, General Motors introduced a new line of Chevrolet truck designs. Although Chevrolet automobiles were unchanged until 1949, the trucks were beginning to set a new design trend in the industry.

The Chevrolet Model ½ pickup was a very popular selling model among consumers. The 1948 Chevy truck designs were so popular that they remained unchanged, except for the front grille styling, through the 1954 model year.

GM called the 1948 Chevrolet truck model line the “Advance-Design,” which led the truck industry in post-war improvements. Chevrolet’s “Advance-Design” trucks were also called the “Thrift master” and “Loadmaster” models as well.


  • This is a NZ NEW, five window pick up truck so factory RHD.
  • Seven actual owners from new amongst dealers and traders. We understand it to have been family owned for the last 19 years. Previous owner to that 26 years and previous to that 15 years. We understand this truck to have been sold new in Canterbury, New Zealand and that its never been out of Canterbury but we can't confirm that for certain.
  • Still on original black plates and according to NZTA, mileage seems to be authentic at circa 55K miles.
  • Its a Thriftmaster model - Original colour was green and black.
  • Someone in the past gave it a quick paint job in Canterbury colours. Paint job is not great - whoever painted it didn't do such a great job masking door / windscreen rubber etc but overall paint condition is good - with a cut and polish it will present even better. We're saying its perfectly acceptable for someone who wants to drive this truck daily, use on a farm, or for promotional purposes, Christmas parades etc.  If one wanted it mint, concours or to win in shows, then paint would have to be redone - ideally in original colour but each to his own..
  • Wood tray is very good.
  • Body seems good too and pretty straight overall - it certainly doesn't suggest much in terms of rust. Certainly nothing of concern.
  • Mechanically this truck is sound and the blue flame motor ticks along like a Swiss watch.
  • Engine starts first pop on cold.
  • We are currently doing the brakes, kingpins and going through it with a fine tooth comb to ensure it is perfectly roadworthy. We will also be giving it an engine service, greasing it, changing all fluids etc, as its been parked in inside storage for many years.
  • A new 6V battery will be included in sale.
  • Old school BF Goodrich Tires look good and authentic - again these will be professionally checked to ensure they're safe and roadworthy. If not, then a new set will be fitted.
  • Truck drives well even as it is. In fact, it was really exciting to see it start so effortlessly after so many years without use. All we did was put in fresh fuel and jumped it. In 15 mins, this good old boy was up and running, and it runs better every time we start it and take it out for a drive.

We bought this truck with the intent to enjoy it as is for a while, then restore it to high standards and maintain it in our own collection. We may still do that if it doesn't sell but for now we have many other projects going on, so we can't focus on it.

For this reason we have priced it fairly and hope that someone sees the current value in it, to enjoy as is, and its potential as a future restoration. If not then its your loss, our gain and life goes on but we're not giving it away so no cheeky punters please - thank you :)

A cute, easy to live with and sought after truck that will always have a special place in history.

Asking price includes a new WOF'd and 12 months registration - if sold in New Zealand that is.




This vehicle has been sold

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