The Mini Moke is an Icon, and Now its Back!

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The original Mini needs no introduction. The brainchild of Alec Issigonis, the Mini changed motor industry forever and redefined the small car. One variant of the Mini however, has gone on to be a cult icon in its own right. It is of course, the bare essentials Mini Moke, and now its back.

Yes, that’s right. You can now buy yourself a genuine new Mini Moke, though it wont be called a Mini. The “Moke” will be built to a limited run of just 56 cars to begin with, representing 56 years of the Moke on UK roads. You can pick one up for as little as 20,000GBP plus taxes and delivery.

The brains behind the new Moke is a company called Moke International. After acquiring the rights to the Moke name back in 2015, they set about ressurecting the stripped out Mini icon. The new Moke will be built in the British Midlands while final touches are applied in France.

At this time, production is only planned for the UK, though sales in continental Europe look likely. Sadly there is no word on whether the Moke will be coming to NZ.

The new Moke’s are slightly roomier than the original cars and buyers can choose from up to 14 different colours. Grunt comes in the form of a fuel-injected four cylinder 1.1L engine with 66hp. This makes the Moke good enough for a top speed of 115km/h.

Manual and automatic gearboxes are available. Other details include small union jack flag and a limited edition nameplate.

Star of TV Shows like “The Prisoner” and many swinging sixties fashion shoots, the Mini Moke is a gem. Lets home Moke International decide to produce more than the limited 56. Also, fngers crossed this new Moke will make its way to NZ real soon.

By Ben Selby

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