Sean Connery’s BMW 635 CSI Is Up Grabs

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By Ben Selby

The BMW 635CSI is fast becoming a very collectible German classic, but this one is infinitely more collectable than others, as it was once the property of the original 007, and one of the coolest men who ever lived.

Yes, the late Sean, sorry, Sir Sean Connery, was the original owner of this left-hand drive BMW 635CSI. It seems Pierce Brosnan wasn’t the first James Bond to enjoy driving Beemers. Connery bought the car in 1989 and kept it as his home in Marbella until selling it on in 1998.

Now, Sir Sean’s Marbella run-around is up for grabs. We are told by the vendor the 635 CSI is practically rust free due to the ‘iberian climate and salt free roads’ around his home. While it remained in his care most of the nineties, the Scottish actor spent little time behind the wheel during his time of ownership.

The fact he spent time churning out iconic films like The Hunt for Red October, The Rock, Robin Hood and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade might have something to do with the BMW’s low 61,848km.

The car itself is very straight and all original. The 3.5L straight six produced around 220hp and zero to 100km/h was achieved in 7.6 seconds. The fact that Connery’s was a manual too just adds to its desirability.

After Connery, the BMW spent time in the UK in dry storage, before moving to new owners in Luxembourg. It even appeared at BMW’s 100th Anniversary celebrations in Belgium in 2016.

The BMW 635CSI owned by Sir Sean Connery is expected to fetch between 30,000 GBP ($56,000NZ) and 60,000GBP ($113,000NZ). Prices for the E24 6-Series on a steady climb everywhere. As a result, these figures are of no surprise, especially when incorporating its Connery connection.

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