Lego Releases Fast and Furious Charger

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By Ben Selby

You can now live your life a quarter mile at a time just like Dominic Toretto, be it on a much smaller scale. Lego have revealed its latest Technic creation which happens to be none other than Toretto’s supercharged 1970 Dodge Charger, star of the “The Fast and the Furious”.

The 900hp Mopar Muscle Car became etched in the minds of petrolheads everywhere when Toretto (Vin Diesel) makes a daring quarter mile escape/drag race alongside Brian O’Connor’s (Paul Walker) Toyota Supra, narrowly missing a freight train, before Dom flips the Charger after colliding with a truck. Spoilers sorry.

At 39cm long, 16cm wide, and with 1077 pieces, you can spend hours of your lockdown putting this icon of the silver screen together. Open the bonnet and the Hemi V8 is there with moving pistons and the iconic air intake for the supercharger. The model also gets working steering, wishbone suspension and the boot contains two cans of Nitrous Oxide.

Another cool feature is the underneath wheelie stand bar, allowing you to recreate the start of that now legendary drag race where Dom floors it and the Charger, in a cheesy and unrealistic way, pops a wheel while performing a burn out. A quick peak behind the scenes reveals the movie car had a wheelie stand fitted to perform that scene, so the Lego model is pretty accurate in that respect.

Lego Technic have released some epic tribute sets to car fanatics in recent times, but this Fast and Furious Charger is up there with the best. Expected to cost $180NZ, it will hit the shelves on April 27. Keen?

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