Lancia Fulvia Sits for Nearly 50 Years in the Same Spot

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By Ben Selby

Have you ever had a neighbour who keeps a car parked on the street and doesn’t seem to ever move? Well one classic car owner in Italy has all these neighbours beat. This Lancia Fulvia has remained in the same spot in one Italian town for nearly 50 years.

This grey Lancia Fulvia Berlina has been stationary for so long, that it has become a famous tourist attraction to visitors of the Italian town of Conegliano.

The Lancia is owned by retired Italian businessman Angelo Fregolent. He and his wife ran a business in Conegliano. One day in 1974, he parked the Lancia in front of the shop and it remained there ever since. “I ran the newsstand under the house for 40 years together with my wife, Bertilla,” Fregolent said to Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino.

“When I opened the business, I was happy to have the Lancia Fulvia parked in front of it. This was because I had the newspapers unloaded in the trunk and then I took them inside,” Fregolent added.

People still come from miles around to see Angelo’s four wheeled time capsule. It isn’t very often a 50-year-old Italian saloon gets to become a must-see tourist attraction. However, the days of the faithful Lancia sitting outside the same building as its owner used to work in may be coming to an end.

The Conegliano council are planning to remove the parking spaces where the Lancia sits due to increased levels of congestion. Angelo, 94, doesn’t mind if the car is to be moved, as long as it stays on display and continues to be enjoyed by everyone.

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