James Bond Tribute Mini Is Art on Wheels

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When the news broke that the next instalment in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, would be pushed back to November this year, due to global health reasons following the Corona Virus, 007 fans everywhere were understandably upset. With David Brown Automotive, the masterminds the Reimagined Mini, as well as the Aston Martin inspired Speedback GT, its clear there are a few Bond fans within their ranks, because their latest Reimagined Mini has taken 007 lore and created another piece of classic automotive art.

Behold the David Brown Reimagined Mini ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Edition. Taking inspiration from the bronze and gold Lotus Esprit Turbo driven by Roger Moore in the iconic 1981 Bond film, ‘For Your Eyes Only,’ which is probably one of the greatest 007 adventures of all time, the David Brown Mini has been finished to highest possible standard, in keeping with the expertise of David Brown Automotive.

The bronze paintjob is complemented perfectly by the hand-painted turbo graphics as per the Bond Lotus. The 13-inch wheels are even styled to resemble the same multi-spoke style of the Esprit Turbo of that era.

Up front, things remain relatively unchanged but the headlights now get brighter LEDs. Inside, a wood veneer dash in Dark American Burr Walnut looks stunning, as does the cream leather seats. Another nod to Bond’s Esprit. Modern tech includes a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay.

It seems the only thing missing from the car which inspired this amazing homage, is the pair of skis mounted to the roof. Oh well, guess you can’t everything.

Needless to say, this one off tribute by David Brown Automotive is nothing short of epic, and while we have yet to see Bond driving a Mini, it is certainly a lot easier to imagine Her Majesty’s greatest fictional not-so-secret agent helming one now.

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