Ferris Bueller Ferrari Sells For Six Figures

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The Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder without doubt has to be one of the Maranello’s greatest hits. Thanks to the timeless drop top Scaglietti lines and that gorgeous V12 pulling hard at high rpm, Californias command tens millions of dollars at any auction, one of which sold at auction for $17,6 million US.

For avid movie goers the Ferrari California Spyder is best known for ferrying school bunking teenager Ferris Bueller and his friends around in the 1986 comedy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. However, the car driven by Matthew Broderick in the film was not the real deal, but one of three replicas built by Modena Design and Development specially for the movie. Which is just as well as, spoilers, the Ferrari famously gets destroyed in the end.

Now, one of the three replica cars, has sold at Barrett Jackson auction for a whopping $396,000US ($617,000NZ). This might be small fry compared to what a genuine California Spyder will set you back, but for a replica, its stratospheric.

This car, Chassis Number GTC0001, has recently received a body-off restoration. Under the bonnet sits a hefty seven litre V8 and five speed manual box, not exactly the original 3.0-litre V12 but you definitely won’t be hanging around.

For your $617k, you also get a tonne of movie merch including signed photos of cast and crew and a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Modena Design and Devlopment. No doubt the lucky owner will be cranking up the Yello and cruising down sunset boulevard on their ‘day off’ real soon.

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