Ferrari Classic Police Special Up for Grabs

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The Italian Police have always loved fast cars. However back in the mid-sixties, the Police in Rome took that love and ran with it, thanks to a specially built 1963 Ferrari 250GTE, which is now for sale, thanks to Girardo & Co.

Between 1963 and 1968, this 1962 Series 2 Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 was part of the Roman Police fleet at the request of officer Armando Spatafora. The reason being the local villain’s getaway cars were getting faster and faster, and the standard issue Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Saloons just did not the cut the mustard when faced with the classic getaway scenario.

When asked what car would be ideal, Spatafora simply said, “Why a Ferrari of course,” and the deal was done. Spatafora was sent to a high-speed driving course in Maranello to prepare him for his outings as a Ferrari driving cop. He became in sync with the 250 GTE, a roomier long wheelbase version of the legendary 250 GT SWB. Packing the same Colombo derived 3.0L V12, it was not slouch.

Ferrari manufactured two “Polizia” examples of the 250GTE for use by the Rome Police. One of these was sadly written off within weeks of service, making this example, chassis number 3999, the sole survivor.

Painted in black with tan leather trim, it came with all the necessary police bits and bobs. This included the classic Police siren, blue flashing light, radio and police ID on the licence plates. The Ferrari regularly returned to Maranello for servicing.

The Ferrari saw six years of service in Rome. Its duties ranged from apprehending high-speed miscreants, to delivering blood and organs to Naples in a hurry. The 250 GTE was finally retired from service in 1968, with a substantial record of policing to boot.

The Ferrari was auctioned off in 1972, becoming the property of Alberto Cappelli. Cappelli kept the car for over 40 years, keeping it as original as possible.He also never missed a chance to show it off at classic car runs and shows.

The Ferrari changed owners again in 2015, and now the most famous Italian police car in history is up for sale, complete with Ferrari Classiche certification.

Looking all original, complete with matching numbers, the 250 GTE 2+2 Series II hold significance as being the only private vehicle in Italy allowed to have the blue light, siren and police livery. All that remains is to get the uniform, a pair of sunglasses and you are all set to cruise the Autostrada looking for baddies.

By Ben Selby

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