Classic Driving Lessons, Ferrari Style

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There is something truly magical about heel and toe shifting a fast-classic car. Being able to be a physical part of the driving experience, shifting gears, double-clutching, and guiding the non-power assisted steering is becoming a lost art in the motoring world of today, and something classic car fans everywhere covet immensely.

Well, Ferrari know this, which is why the Italian marque has started Ferrari Classiche Academy, a two day course designed to teach drivers the “techniques used to drive cars produced before electronics had entered the automotive world,” according to a press release. Oh, and Ferrari’s Classiche Historic Department will allow pupils to get stuck in a drive the snot out of a selection of iconic Ferrari’s of yesteryear, while learning about the history of the brand.

The test fleet includes four 308 GTS and GTBs and a 3.2-litre Mondial. All cars have been fettled by Ferrari Classiche and allow students to experience a classic Ferrari and drive it hard on Ferrari’s Fiorano Test Track. Each lesson includes classic driving basics and like heel-and-toeing, double clutching, and weight shifting, in order to the get the maximum out of your drive.

However, before you do any of that, you will be given a crash course, figuratively speaking, in Ferrari’s Classiche workshop about how the cars work. Students get a unique understanding of how each 308 works and how these simplistic mechanics can be utilised for unbridled driving joy, while giving the students better confidence on track.

There is a slight snag, the Ferrari Classiche Academy is only open to current Ferrari owners, so better check the classifieds or Waimak Classic Cars real soon to find a Ferrari of your own. A 328 GTS might be just what you are looking for.


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