Baby Bugatti Type 35 Racer is Not Just For Kids

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Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and finding this in your stocking. This pint-sized Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix car from 1927 is the result of the latest collaboration between Bugatti and The Little Car Company.

Called the Baby II, in reference to the original half-scale Baby Bugatti from 1924, this electric powered pint sized Bugatti is quite simply the coolest kids car around. Oh, and adults can drive it too.

Baby II is driven by an electric motor which sends between 1kW and 4kW of grunt to the rear wheels. The reason for the change in power output correspondes to the different drive modes. When the kids are wanting to race, you get 1kW of grunt, however in “Adult Mode” you get the full 4kW. Top speed in each mode is 19km/h and 45km/h respectively. Baby II gets three different spec levels, standard, Vitesse, which gets a body made from carbon-fibre, and Pur-Sang, which gets an aluminium body. The latter two models also come with a set of “Speed Keys” which allow the adult drivers to unleash 10kW of power and allow any budding Louis Chiron to reach close to the national suburban speed limit.

Other features include eight spoke wheels modelled as per the Bugatti Type 35’s of the day, brushed alumium dash and fuel pressure gauge. You can even spec a limited slip diff if you want. Production will consist of 500 units to be built through 2020 and 2021, and are expected to retail for close to $52,000NZ. Still, a heck of a lot cheaper than the real thing.

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